What Order to Do Things in Pokemon Scarlet

First, you should get your starter Pokemon. This will be either Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur depending on where you are in the game. After that, you should explore the area and battle wild Pokemon to gain experience points and train up your team.

Once you have a few levels under your belt, it’s time to start tackling gyms for badges and progressing through the story. You can also take on side quests such as catching Legendary Pokemon or searching for hidden items along the way. As always, remember to heal at Poke Centers whenever needed!

If you want to maximize your Pokémon Scarlet experience, it is important to know the correct order of doing things. To start off, make sure you catch all of the Pokémon available in each route so that you can later use them for battle-ready teams and competitive battling. Also, try to fill up your Pokédex as much as possible by exploring new places and encountering rare species.

Once you have a good team set up with some powerful moves, challenge gyms and take on other trainers for rewards and bragging rights. Finally, complete any side quests or activities that are available within the game before taking on the Elite Four at the end. Following this order will ensure that no stone is left unturned when playing Pokémon Scarlet!

How to Play Pokemon Scarlet Violet in the RIGHT ORDER

Pokemon Scarlet Gym Secret Order

The Pokémon Scarlet Gym Secret Order is a secret organization that was created by the leader of the Scarlet Gym in Kanto, Blaine. It consists of trainers who are dedicated to pushing their own limits and becoming stronger by learning from each other’s experiences. Through this network, members can gain access to special training methods, rare items and even Mega Stones that cannot be found elsewhere.

The order also has strict rules about secrecy and requires its members to keep their activities hidden from outside eyes. To join this elite group one must prove themselves worthy with great skill in battle or have proven loyalty towards Blaine’s cause.

Pokemon Scarlet Pokédex

The newly released Pokemon Scarlet Pokédex is an exciting new way to explore the world of Pokemon. This versatile device allows trainers to keep track of all their favorite pokemon, including stats, moves and more. It also includes a built-in camera function that allows users to take photos of any pokemon they encounter in the wild.

With its extensive library of information about different pokemon species, trainers can use this tool as a valuable resource for training and battling their beloved pocket monsters!

Pokemon Scarlet Gym Order

The Pokemon Scarlet Gym Order is an unofficial ranking system for the gyms of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh based upon the difficulty level of their Gym Leaders. The order consists of eight ranks: Elite Four Champion, Frontier Brain Master, Ace Trainer, Leader Challenger, Senior Trainer, Junior Trainer, Newbie Trainer and Apprentice Trainer. Each rank requires a different amount of experience points to obtain and will provide access to various rewards once achieved.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Order

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Order is an order of Gym Leaders in the Pokemon world. This group consists of eight gym leaders, each with a different type specialty. These gym leaders must be defeated in order to progress through the game, as they are responsible for awarding badges that signify progression throughout the game.

The first seven gyms are located in Kanto region and their corresponding type specialties are: Bug, Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass & Flying-type Pokémon respectively. The eighth and final gym leader is located in Johto region and specializes in Psychic-types.

Pokemon Scarlet Walkthrough

If you’re looking for a comprehensive Pokemon Scarlet Walkthrough, look no further! Our guide provides a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the game’s main storyline and sidequests, including all gym battles, Legendary Pokemon encounters, and other important events. Additionally, we provide information on where to find rare items and hidden areas so that you can maximize your gaming experience.

With our help, you’ll be able to conquer the world of Pokemon Scarlet with ease!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pokédex

The new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex is a must-have for all trainers! It contains the data of over 400 Pokémon from all eight generations, including their locations, movesets, abilities and even evolutions. With its sleek design, easy to use interface and comprehensive information about each Pokémon, it makes catching them a breeze.

Whether you’re an experienced trainer or just getting started in the world of Pokémon, this Pokédex will be your go-to resource!

Pokemon Scarlet Elite Four

The Pokemon Scarlet Elite Four is a powerful team of four trainers that serve as the main antagonists in the Pokemon Scarlet game. They are each incredibly skilled and have access to powerful pokemon, making them formidable opponents for any trainer attempting to become a master of the game. They consist of Lorelai, Drake, Agatha and Lance who specialise in different types of pokemon battles.

With their combined might they can be difficult to beat even for experienced players!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Elite Four

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Elite Four are a group of powerful trainers in the popular video game series, Pokemon. They are led by the Champion of their respective regions and can be challenged after defeating all eight Gym Leaders. The Elite Four is made up of four members with each member specializing in a certain type of pokemon.

Defeating them requires players to have a well-rounded team that can take down each opponent’s specialty pokemon as well as any other types they may encounter along the way.

What Order to Do Things in Pokemon Scarlet

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What Order Should I Do Everything in Pokemon Scarlet?

When it comes to playing Pokemon Scarlet, the order in which you do everything is essential for success. For starters, make sure to have a well-developed team of Pokémon that has the right mix of types and movesets. You should also take time to explore each area thoroughly as this will allow you to level up your team and find valuable items like TMs and HMs.

After that, try tackling gyms one at a time so you can properly prepare against the Elite Four at the end of your journey. Don’t forget about completing sidequests or participating in battles along the way – these are great opportunities for gaining experience points quickly! Additionally, consider trading with other players for rare Pokémon or battling them online as chances are they might know some strategies that could help you out during tough fights.

And finally, if all else fails – don’t be afraid to consult guides online! Doing so can give you an edge over tougher opponents and may even get you closer towards becoming a champion.

What is the Best Way to Go in Pokemon Scarlet?

The best way to go in Pokemon Scarlet is to use a combination of strategic level grinding, item gathering and efficient route mapping. Level grinding is an essential element of the game as it allows you to gain experience points which can be used to upgrade your team’s stats and learn new moves. Item gathering plays a crucial role in helping you progress through the game by providing rare items that can then be used for crafting powerful equipment or selling off for some extra cash on hand.

Lastly, mapping out your routes before heading into battle will ensure that you don’t waste time backtracking from one area to another when looking for certain objectives and also make sure that you cover every corner effectively. All these three elements combined are key ingredients for success in Pokemon Scarlet!

What is the Order of the Dish in Pokemon Scarlet?

The order of the dish in Pokemon Scarlet is an intriguing one. It starts with a few starters, followed by several main courses, and ending with some desserts. The first course consists of either Pikachu soup or Magikarp tempura, depending on your preference.

Following that will be the traditional pokeball-shaped rice balls accompanied by Doduo stew. After this comes a set combination plate featuring multiple ingredients such as Onix steak and Charmander wings – very flavorful! Finally to top it off there is a variety of sweet treats from ice cream to mochi – all served up in cute little dishes shaped like different pokemon!

All these delicious items are sure to make any Pokemon enthusiast happy for their mealtime adventures!

Where Should I Go First in Pokemon Scarlet?

If you’re a Pokemon fan looking for an exciting adventure, then look no further than Pokemon Scarlet. This fantastical game allows players to explore a brand new world full of captivating creatures and challenging battles. When starting the game, it’s important to know where to go first in order to get the most out of your experience.

The best place for beginning trainers is Pallet Town, the hometown of Ash Ketchum and other famous characters from the series. Here you will be able to pick your starter Pokémon and begin your quest as a rookie trainer. After selecting your partner, head north towards Viridian City and take on some wild encounters while navigating through forests and caves.

Once you reach Viridian City, make sure to visit Professor Oak’s lab before continuing on with your journey—he’ll give you insightful advice on how to become an even better trainer! From there, continue travelling along Route 2 until reaching Pewter City where more challenges await! There are plenty more locations that trainers can explore throughout their time in Pokemon Scarlet; however these are certainly great places for any beginner Trainer who wants their own unique adventure across this amazing land!


The order in which you complete tasks in Pokemon Scarlet is important. It can determine how your experience playing the game will go, as well as making it easier or harder for you to progress through the game. By understanding what should be done first and prioritizing certain activities over others, like completing the story missions before engaging in side quests, it’s possible to have a more enjoyable and successful experience while playing Pokemon Scarlet.

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