Uc Davis Tours for Prospective Students

UC Davis offers prospective students the opportunity to explore campus and learn more about our academic programs, student life, and community. A tour at UC Davis is an hour-long walking tour led by a current student who provides information about the university’s history, research opportunities, housing options, campus facilities and more! Prospective students can also choose from several specialized tours that focus on specific topics such as engineering or business majors.

During their visit they may even have the chance to sit in on a class lecture or attend an admission presentation. The tours are offered throughout the week but must be reserved in advance so check out the University website for dates and times available. Whether you are just starting your college search process or already know that UC Davis is your number one choice it will be well worth your time to take part in one of these informative tours!

Prospective students looking to get a firsthand look at UC Davis should consider taking one of the school’s student-led tours. These guided walks around campus offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about life as an Aggie, including highlights like top academic programs and unique experiences offered on campus. With both in-person and virtual tour options available, there’s no better way for prospective students to get familiar with UC Davis before making their final college decision!

The College Tour | Welcome to UC Davis

Uc Santa Cruz Tours for Prospective Students

UC Santa Cruz offers free guided and self-guided tours for prospective students. Tour guides will provide information about the campus, its academic programs, student life, and housing options. Prospective students can also take advantage of virtual tour options to explore UC Santa Cruz from anywhere in the world.

With a variety of interactive elements such as video clips, photos, and audio recordings of current students discussing their experiences at UCSC, these virtual tours offer an engaging way to learn more about the university prior to making a decision about where to apply.

Uc Davis Self-Guided Tour

The University of California Davis offers a self-guided tour for anyone interested in learning more about the school. This informative tour allows visitors to explore all that UC Davis has to offer, from its beautiful campus grounds and historic buildings, to its cutting-edge research labs and innovative programs. With helpful maps and information along the way, the self-guided tour is an excellent resource for getting a first-hand look into life at UC Davis.

Uc Davis Campus Tour Video

UC Davis offers an online virtual tour of its campus, giving prospective students the opportunity to explore the university from the comfort of their own home. The video showcases UC Davis’ beautiful landscape, including its historic buildings and modern facilities. It also highlights key points about student life on campus, such as housing options, dining services, and recreation opportunities.

With this virtual tour video, you can get a better sense of what UC Davis has to offer before stepping foot on campus!

Uc Berkeley Tour

A tour of UC Berkeley is the perfect way to experience all that this incredible university has to offer. From its stately red-brick buildings and breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay, to its world-renowned faculty and vibrant student life, a campus tour can give you an up close look at one of America’s top universities. Guided tours are offered daily by members of the Cal Student Ambassadors Program, who will provide insight into Berkeley’s history and academic opportunities while leading you through some of the most iconic spots on campus.

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’re returning for a refresher course, a UC Berkeley tour provides an unforgettable experience!

Uc Davis Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide at UC Davis is an exciting way to share your knowledge and enthusiasm for the university with prospective students. As a tour guide, you’ll have the opportunity to show off all that UC Davis has to offer, from its top-ranked academics and research programs, to its vibrant campus life and diverse student population. You will also be able to answer questions about admissions requirements, financial aid options, housing availability and more.

With so much information available on campus tours, it’s sure to be a rewarding experience!

Uc Davis Admitted Students Day

The Admitted Student Day at UC Davis is an annual event that gives prospective students the opportunity to explore the campus and experience what it’s like to be a part of the Aggie community. During this day, admitted students can meet with faculty and staff, tour residence halls and academic buildings, interact with current students, learn more about student life on campus, attend information sessions related to admission requirements and financial aid opportunities, as well as enjoy some fun activities. This is a great way for incoming freshmen to get acquainted with their future school before classes begin in the fall!

Uc Davis Self-Guided Tour Map

The University of California Davis offers a self-guided tour map which allows visitors to explore the campus at their own pace. With easy-to-follow directions, you can navigate your way around UC Davis’ many attractions and educational facilities, including the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, the Shields Library, and several research laboratories. The map also highlights notable points of interest such as student housing buildings, recreational centers and art galleries.

With this resourceful tool in hand, visitors will gain an in-depth appreciation for what makes UC Davis such a special place.

Uc Davis Self-Guided Walking Tour Brochure

The UC Davis self-guided walking tour brochure is an excellent way to explore the campus and learn about its history. The brochure provides a map of the university, complete with detailed descriptions of each building’s architecture, as well as historical facts about the university’s founders and important figures in its development. With this tour guide you can explore at your own pace and truly appreciate all that UC Davis has to offer!

Uc Davis Tours for Prospective Students

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Does Uc Davis Have In-Person Tours?

UC Davis offers prospective students the chance to explore its vibrant campus in person. Through virtual and in-person tours, visitors can get an up close look at what makes UC Davis a great place to learn, grow and build relationships. Visitors are invited to discover life on campus first-hand by taking part in an exclusive guided walking tour led by current UC Davis students.

During these tours, guests will be able to experience the university’s culture of excellence firsthand as they take in iconic landmarks like The Quad, the Shields Library and our state-of-the art Health Sciences Building. In addition, they will have the opportunity to ask questions about student resources available on campus such as housing options and financial aid opportunities. Finally, visitors can also opt for a self-guided tour where they can explore on their own time while learning more about everything that UC Davis has to offer through informational brochures located throughout the grounds.

Regardless of which option you choose, both provide unique insights into what it means to be part of this amazing institution!

Are Uc Davis Tours Free?

Yes, UC Davis tours are free! The campus offers a variety of ways to explore and learn about the university. Whether you’re interested in taking an information session with an admissions representative or learning more about student life on a walking tour, there’s something for everyone.

With over 500 different majors and minors available, exploring the campus can help you decide which academic path is right for you. Each tour provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to be part of the Aggie community at UC Davis. You’ll have the chance to see our state-of-the-art research facilities and cutting edge labs as well as some of our most iconic landmarks including Shields Library, Silo Union and Mrak Hall.

Plus, all tours are conducted by current students so they can share their experiences and perspectives while providing valuable insight into student life at this renowned university.

Are College Campus Tours Worth It?

College campus tours are an important part of the college application process. Visiting a college campus can provide invaluable insight into what life at that school would be like, and it’s often the best way to determine if a certain university is the right fit for you. College campus tours give prospective students the opportunity to explore all aspects of student life, from academics and extracurricular activities to dorms and dining options.

They also offer students a chance to see firsthand how different campuses differ in size, resources, atmosphere and culture. By taking a tour of each school you’re considering attending, you can get an accurate feel for which one best suits your needs. Additionally, college campus tours allow guidance counselors or admissions officers onsite who can answer any questions you may have about classes or requirements needed to apply for admission.

Ultimately, while they do require some time investment upfront compared to researching online or through printed materials alone, college campus tours are absolutely worth it when considering where you want to spend your next four years!

How Long are Uc Davis Campus Tours?

Campus tours at UC Davis typically last around two hours. During the tour, you will get an introduction to the admissions process and learn about campus life and student organizations. You’ll also have a chance to see our beautiful campus, including landmarks like Shields Library and the Quad.

The tour includes stops in several buildings such as labs, classrooms, libraries, housing options and more. Along the way your guide will discuss majors offered by UC Davis, research opportunities available to students here and what makes UC Davis unique among other universities. After completing your tour you’ll be given a chance to ask any questions that may have come up during your visit!


Overall, Uc Davis Tours for Prospective Students are a great way to get an insight into what life is like at UC Davis. They provide prospective students with the opportunity to explore the campus, learn about academic programs and experience student life. Tour guides can answer questions and provide valuable information about everything from housing options to study abroad opportunities.

With its vibrant college town atmosphere, diverse range of activities and excellent academic reputation, UC Davis is an ideal university for many potential students. A visit during one of their tours may be just what you need to help decide if this school is right for you!

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