Tours from Le Havre to Paris

Le Havre is a port city in northern France and the gateway to Paris. Tours from Le Havre to Paris are available, giving travelers the opportunity to explore both cities. These tours usually last one or two days, with overnight accommodation provided as needed.

The tour begins with a coach bus ride from Le Havre to Paris, which takes several hours depending on traffic. During this time, passengers can take in views of the French countryside before reaching their destination. Once in Paris, tourists will be given guided tours of some of the city’s most famous landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower before returning back to Le Havre for their journey home.

Le Havre, France’s second largest port city, is located just 2 hours away from Paris by train. Taking a tour from Le Havre to Paris is an exciting way to explore all that these two beautiful cities have to offer. From the picturesque coastal views of Le Havre and its historic sites, to the storied streets of Paris and its iconic monuments, there are plenty of sights to see along the way.

Tour packages typically include round-trip transportation between both cities as well as guided tours at some of the most popular attractions in each destination. With so much history and culture waiting to be discovered on this journey between two great French cities, taking a tour from Le Havre to Paris is one experience you won’t want to miss!

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Bus Tours from Le Havre to Paris

Le Havre to Paris bus tours offer an exciting and convenient way to explore the vibrant city of Paris. The tour departs from Le Havre, giving travelers a chance to explore some of Normandy’s charming villages before arriving in the French capital. From there, passengers will be guided on a scenic journey through Paris’ iconic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.

With knowledgeable guides providing commentary throughout each tour, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a unique way to discover all that Paris has to offer!

Best Normandy Tours from Le Havre

If you’re looking to explore Normandy in style and comfort, then a tour from Le Havre is the perfect option. With its stunning coastline, deep historical significance, and quaint cobblestone streets, Normandy is one of France’s most iconic regions. Taking a guided tour from Le Havre will give you access to some of the finest attractions this region has to offer – including Mont Saint-Michel and Omaha Beach – while providing comfortable transportation and knowledgeable guides who can help make your experience even more special.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous day or a relaxing weekend getaway, taking a tour from Le Havre provides an unforgettable journey through this remarkable part of France.

Le Havre to Paris Train

Le Havre to Paris is a popular train route in France, connecting two of the country’s most populous cities. The journey takes approximately 3 hours and can be taken via SNCF Intercity or TGV high-speed rail. Tickets for this route start at €25 and offer travelers a comfortable and convenient way to get from Le Havre to Paris quickly and easily.

Normandy Tour from Le Havre Cruise Port

Le Havre is the perfect starting point for a day trip to Normandy. From Le Havre, visitors can easily access the region’s stunning beaches and historic sites, including Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc and Arromanches. On a guided tour from Le Havre cruise port, travelers will have an opportunity to explore these iconic locations in depth while learning about their historical significance.

With round-trip transportation provided by experienced drivers and knowledgeable guides accompanying guests along the way, this tour provides an unforgettable experience of Normandy’s rich history and culture.

Le Havre to Normandy Beaches

The city of Le Havre serves as the ideal starting point for a tour of Normandy’s famous beaches. Located in the northwest region of France, it is only a short drive away from sites such as Omaha Beach and Juno Beach – two of the five beaches that saw heavy landings during D-Day. From here, visitors can explore some of Europe’s most important World War II history and take in stunning views along the coast.

Private Tours from Le Havre to Normandy

A private tour from Le Havre to Normandy is an ideal way to explore the beautiful region of France. With a professional guide, you can visit famous sites such as Mont Saint-Michel and the D-Day beaches while learning more about the history of Normandy. Along with your own vehicle and driver, you will be able to make stops at various points of interest along the way for photos or other activities.

This type of tour allows visitors to customize their itinerary so that they can experience all that Normandy has to offer in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Tours from Le Havre to Honfleur

Le Havre to Honfleur is a popular day trip for visitors staying in the Normandy region of France. Taking a tour from Le Havre to Honfleur allows travelers to explore both cities and take in all the sights, sounds, and tastes each has to offer. Along the way, you can take advantage of stops at various beaches, local attractions such as Mont St Michel, or even sample some delicious seafood straight from the coast!

The scenic drive along this stretch of coastline is an unforgettable experience that’s sure to be remembered long after your journey ends.

Tours by Locals Le Havre

Tours by Locals Le Havre offers a unique way to explore the port city of Le Havre, France. Whether you are looking for an exciting sightseeing tour or a leisurely walking excursion through town, Tours by Locals Le Havre can provide you with an experienced local guide who will tailor your experience to meet your specific interests and needs. From discovering the old-world charm of the city’s historical buildings and monuments to uncovering its hidden gems, Tours by Locals is sure to make your visit memorable!

Tours from Le Havre to Paris


Is Le Havre France Worth Visiting?

Le Havre, France is a city located in the northwestern region of the country, along the English Channel. It is a bustling port city that has seen its fair share of historical events over time. As such, Le Havre has plenty to offer for visitors who are looking for some interesting sights and activities during their stay.

The town boasts many beautiful beaches as well as quaint cobblestone streets lined with cafes and shops to explore. Visitors can enjoy strolling around this picturesque coastal town while taking in views of its harbor or admiring landmarks like the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral which dates back to the 16th century. Additionally, there are plenty of other attractions worth visiting too; from galleries and museums to aquariums where you can learn about local sea life, Le Havre really does have something for everyone!

How Far is the Cruise Ship Port to Paris?

The cruise ship port to Paris is about 230 miles away. To get there, you can take a plane from the closest airport which is located in nearby Calais, France. From there, it’s approximately an hour and a half flight time to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Alternatively, you could also take the Eurostar train service directly from London St Pancras station to Gare du Nord station in Paris; this journey would take around two and a half hours. Once you arrive at your destination of choice, you’ll be able to explore all that the city has to offer – ranging from world-renowned attractions such as The Louvre Museum or Notre Dame Cathedral, through to delicious French cuisine served up by local eateries or even just taking a leisurely stroll along the banks of River Seine. No matter what your preference is for exploring Europe’s most romantic city – planning ahead and knowing your route will ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch!

Is There a Hop on Hop off Bus in Le Havre France?

Le Havre is a beautiful port city located in northwestern France, and it’s also home to one of the most extensive hop on hop off bus services in all of Europe. The Le Havre Hop On-Hop Off bus service operates seven days a week and provides visitors with an easy way to get around the city without having to worry about navigating public transportation or hiring taxis. With its convenient accessibility, it’s no wonder that so many people are opting for this option when visiting Le Havre.

The tour starts at Place de la Republique and makes stops at some of the top attractions throughout the city such as Musée Malraux – MuMa, Tour du Port Maritime (Harbor Tower) and more. During your ride you can enjoy stunning views from one side of town to another while learning about each location through audio commentary provided by experienced local guides. And if you ever want to take a break from sightseeing during your journey, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops waiting for you along the route!

So whether you’re looking for an efficient way to explore Le Havre or simply want an enjoyable ride around town with friends or family – don’t hesitate any longer; book tickets today for one of Europe’s leading hop on hop off buses!

Is Le Havre Close to Paris?

Le Havre is a commune located in the Seine-Maritime department of France and it is close to Paris. It’s situated about 160 km northwest of Paris, making it just a two hour drive from the French capital city. Le Havre also has an international airport providing easy access for those coming from other countries or even further away cities within France.

The port city of Le Havre offers gorgeous beaches, charming villages, stunning architecture and plenty of tourist attractions including its own famous harbor, which is one of the largest artificial ports in Europe. Visitors can enjoy incredible seafood restaurants and shops selling locally-made goods as well as explore some interesting museums such as Musée d’Ethnographie de Normandie or Museum Malraux. All in all, Le Havre is definitely worth visiting if you want to experience all that Normandy has to offer while still being close enough to Paris for day trips into the City of Lights!


Overall, taking a tour from Le Havre to Paris is an experience like no other. The journey provides travelers with the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of France and its culture, while also giving them insight into French history and art. Whether you are looking for an educational experience or simply want to explore one of Europe’s most popular cities in style, booking a guided tour from Le Havre to Paris is sure to be a memorable adventure!

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