Tours for Indian Parents in Usa

Tours for Indian parents in the USA are organized by a number of tour companies and organizations that specialize in offering customized tour packages tailored to the needs of Indian families. These tours usually include visits to famous landmarks, monuments, and attractions, as well as sightseeing trips through cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Los Angeles etc. Some of these tours also offer opportunities for cultural exchange with local communities or educational activities like cooking classes.

Additionally, some companies provide special discounts for senior citizens or large groups making it affordable for Indian families to explore America together!

Touring universities in the United States is an important part of the college application process for Indian parents. With so many different institutions to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down options and decide which university would best suit their child’s needs. To help make this decision easier, there are a variety of tours specifically designed for Indian parents that provide comprehensive overviews of different campuses including information about academics, student life, housing options and more.

These tours offer invaluable insight into each school and its offerings to ensure families make the most informed decision when selecting a university.

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Gujarati Tours in Usa

Gujarati Tours in the USA provide an excellent opportunity to explore the culture and cuisine of this vibrant region. From visiting iconic cities like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC to exploring rural areas such as Texas Hill Country or Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, Gujarati Tours offer a unique experience for travelers. Whether you are looking for cultural experiences or outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, Gujarati Tours has something that will make your trip unforgettable!

Best Indian Tour Operators in Usa

When it comes to finding the best Indian Tour Operators in USA, look no further than JetSetGo. Founded by two travel and hospitality veterans, this tour operator offers a wide range of customized experiences for travelers from India who want to explore America. With their extensive network of local partners across the country, they are able to offer services such as airport transfers and accommodation bookings that cater specifically to Indian travelers.

They also provide detailed itineraries and sightseeing packages with experienced guides so that you can make the most out of your trip!

Usa West Coast Tours With Indian Food

The USA West Coast is an amazing destination for a vacation and the perfect way to explore this beautiful area is by taking a tour. Tour companies offer both guided and self-guided tours that cater to different interests, including foodies who want to sample the delicious Indian cuisine of this region. On these specialized tours, you can visit local eateries and markets offering authentic Indian dishes such as samosas, naan breads, curries and more!

Whether you’re looking for tasty street food or fine dining experiences, there are plenty of options along the West Coast for a memorable culinary experience.

New York Washington Tour Package for Indian Parents

New York Washington Tour Package for Indian Parents is a great way to explore two of the most iconic cities in America. With this package, parents and their children can visit all the popular attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, White House and many more. The tour also includes guided sightseeing tours with experienced guides who will help you understand more about each location.

Plus, enjoy some delicious food from local restaurants during your trip!

Kesari Tours Usa

Kesari Tours USA is a leading travel company specializing in tours to the United States of America. They offer an extensive selection of packages that include sightseeing, adventure activities, cultural experiences and more. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an action-packed family vacation, they have something for everyone.

With their experienced tour guides, friendly staff and reliable services, you can rest assured that your trip will be the best it can possibly be!

Indian Tour Companies

Indian tour companies offer tourists an opportunity to explore the amazing culture, history and beauty of India. They provide personalized services for travelers who are looking for a more authentic experience, as well as package tours that cater to different budgets and interests. Tour packages may include visits to ancient monuments, temples, wildlife parks and beaches, as well as cultural activities like yoga classes or cooking demonstrations.

Indian tour companies can help you plan the perfect vacation in India with ease!

Usa Tours With Indian Food

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience exploring the United States, why not try a USA tour with Indian food? You’ll get to sample delicious and authentic cuisine from India while also visiting iconic American sites. Whether it’s New York City’s Times Square or Los Angeles’ Hollywood Sign, you’ll get to immerse yourself in both cultures at once!

Plus, there are plenty of cultural activities to choose from so that you can make your own unique journey around the US.

New York Trip for Indian Parents

Planning a trip to New York City can be an exciting experience for Indian parents. With its iconic skyline, world-renowned attractions, and rich cultural diversity, NYC is the perfect destination for a family vacation. From visiting famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building to exploring vibrant neighborhoods like Chinatown or Little India, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic city.

Additionally, with numerous hotels offering discounts specifically tailored to families from India traveling to New York City, it’s never been easier or more affordable for Indian parents to plan a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in The Big Apple!

Tours for Indian Parents in Usa


Can I Go for a Trip to Usa from India?

If you’re an Indian citizen looking to travel to the United States, it’s important to first check if you need a visa. Depending on your country of origin and duration of stay, there are different types of visas that may apply. In general, most travelers from India require a B1/B2 visitor visa or business/tourist visa in order to enter the United States.

The application process is quite straightforward – all applicants must fill out an online form known as DS-160 and pay a non-refundable fee before scheduling their interview at the US embassy or consulate nearest them. During the interview, applicants will be asked questions about their purpose for visiting and must present certain documents such as valid passport, proof of financial resources and return ticket information in order to receive approval for their visa. Once approved, travelers from India can enjoy up to six months in the USA with additional extensions possible depending on individual circumstances.

The main caveat being that each traveler should have sufficient funds available during his/her stay so as not be considered indigent by American immigration authorities. It’s also worth noting that entry into any foreign country depends upon fulfilling local regulations which change regularly based on current safety advisories and recommended precautions due Covid 19 pandemic situation worldwide today..

How Much Does America Trip Cost from India?

Travelling to America from India is an exciting opportunity to explore a new culture and visit some of the country’s most iconic landmarks. But how much does such a trip cost? The answer depends on various factors, including your destination(s), mode of transport, accommodation type, duration of stay, and other activities planned during the trip.

Generally speaking, a round-trip airfare from India to America can range anywhere between INR 40,000 ($550 USD) and INR 1 lakh ($1350 USD), depending on where you fly in/out from. Accommodation costs will also vary depending on the city you plan to stay in – for example hotels or AirBnbs are usually more expensive in cities like New York compared to smaller towns like San Diego. Other expenses such as meals and transportation should be taken into consideration too; however these tend not to be overly costly when compared with flight tickets and accommodation.

All things considered, it is easy to estimate that an average American trip from India can cost anything between INR 50 thousand ($675 USD) and INR 1 lakh fifty thousand ( $2025 USD).


This blog post has provided a valuable overview of the various tour programs available to Indian parents visiting the United States. With careful consideration and planning, these tours can provide an unparalleled opportunity for parents to experience American culture, education system and explore places of interest with their children. Ultimately, such trips are highly rewarding experiences that create lifelong memories for both parents and their kids.

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