Tour to End All Tours Setlist

The Tour to End All Tours was a concert tour by the American rock band Pearl Jam in 2003. It consisted of 54 shows across North America and Europe, making it the longest tour in Pearl Jam’s history. The setlist for this tour varied from show to show, but generally included songs from all of their studio albums at that time as well as some covers and rarities.

Some fan favorites such as “Alive,” “Jeremy,” and “Even Flow” were staples on the setlist while other songs like “Daughter” and “State Of Love And Trust” usually appeared near the end of each show. Other songs featured during this tour included covers like Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer” and Led Zeppelin’s “Going To California.” Rarities also made appearances throughout the tour including B-sides like “Footsteps” and rare live performances of tracks such as “Down” which hadn’t been played live since 1995.

Overall, fans could expect a diverse mix of classic hits, deep album cuts, covers, rarities, and more during every Tour To End All Tours show!

The “Tour to End All Tours” setlist was an incredible compilation of some of the greatest hits by legendary rock band, The Who. From their classic anthems like ‘My Generation’ and ‘Baba O’Riley’, to later songs such as ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, this tour’s setlist included something for every fan. Not only did it include a selection of classics from all eras, but also featured deeper cuts that were not necessarily well-known but still beloved by diehard fans.

This combination made for an unforgettable night out that no one in attendance will ever forget!

Sabaton The tour to end all tours (19.8.2022 Opatija, Croatia)

Sabaton Tour to End All Tours 2023

Sabaton, the world-renowned heavy metal band from Sweden, have announced their upcoming ‘Tour to End All Tours’ for 2023. This tour is set to be their biggest yet and will take them around the world with shows all across Europe, Asia and North America. Fans can expect a showcase of some of Sabaton’s biggest tracks as well as plenty of surprises along the way; it promises to be an unforgettable experience!

Sabaton Tour Setlist 2023

Sabaton’s 2023 tour promises to be an explosive experience, with a setlist packed full of fan favorites and new tracks from their latest album. The band has been teasing what they’ll play on the tour, revealing that it will include hits like ‘Primo Victoria’ as well as newer songs such as ‘The Great War.’ With Sabaton’s signature energy and passion for entertaining live audiences, this is sure to be a show you won’t want to miss.

Sabaton Setlist 2023

Sabaton’s 2023 setlist is sure to be an amazing experience for fans of their unique blend of metal and power metal. Featuring songs from their latest album “The Great War” as well as classic favorites, the band will surely provide an unforgettable show that you won’t want to miss! Be prepared to hear powerful tracks such as “The Last Stand”, “Ghost Division”, and more – all backed up by Sabaton’s signature stage presence and energy.

Get ready for a night filled with epic tunes, headbanging, and plenty of crowd singalongs!

Sabaton Tour to End All Tours Postponed

Due to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, Sabaton’s much anticipated Tour to End All Tours has been postponed until further notice. The band had planned to tour through Europe, North America and other locations in 2020 and 2021 but due to the ongoing pandemic they have decided it is not safe enough for their fans or themselves at this time. Fans of Sabaton are disappointed but understand the importance of keeping everyone safe during these trying times.

The Tour to End All Tours Usa

The Tour to End All Tours USA is a comprehensive, cross-country cycling adventure that takes riders from coast to coast in just four weeks. This incredible ride spans 4,000 miles and passes through some of the most breathtaking scenery America has to offer. The route includes stops at national parks, monuments, historic sites, major cities and rural townships.

Along the way, riders enjoy special events such as group dinners and rest days for sightseeing. Whether you have dreams of crossing the country on two wheels or simply want an unforgettable experience with friends and family alike—the Tour To End All Tours USA will provide it!

Sabaton Setlist October 2022

Sabaton will be bringing their incredible live show to venues across Europe in October 2022. The setlist for the tour is sure to feature some of the band’s best-loved singles, as well as some of their most popular album cuts. Fans can expect an energetic performance full of powerful choruses and epic guitar solos that will leave them feeling energized and ready for more Sabaton!

Epica Setlist

Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band, and their live setlists are full of amazing songs from their extensive discography. Fans can expect to hear fan favorites such as “Sensorium”, “Crystal Mountain”, and “Unleashed” at an Epica show. In addition to these staples, the band also mixes in some deep cuts for hardcore fans – so no two shows will ever be the same!

Lordi Setlist

Lordi is a Finnish heavy metal band known for their unique blend of horror-inspired rock music. Their concerts often feature an exciting setlist, filled with some of their most popular songs such as “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” “Devil Is A Loser,” and “Blood Red Sandman.” The setlist also typically includes some newer material from Lordi’s more recent albums, ensuring that fans are kept up to date on the band’s latest work.

Tour to End All Tours Setlist


What is the Setlist for Motley Crue Stadium Tour?

The Motley Crue Stadium Tour is set to be one of the most exciting music events of 2020. Fans will get to experience the iconic band’s biggest hits, as well as some new songs from their upcoming album “The Dirt: Confessions of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.” The tour kicks off on July 7th in Miami and fans can expect a full night of classic Crue riffs, high-energy performances, and memorable rock anthems.

The setlist for this epic tour includes fan favorites such as “Kickstart My Heart,” “Shout at the Devil,” “Girls Girls Girls,” “Dr Feelgood,” “Home Sweet Home” and many more. There are also some surprises planned – including two new tracks from the forthcoming record! Get ready to rock with Motley Crue this summer!

What Songs Does Sabaton Play at Concerts?

Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band that has been playing live concerts for over 20 years now. They have built up quite the following, with fans around the world coming to see them perform. One of their most notable features at these concerts are their setlist, which includes songs from all across their discography.

Some of the fan-favorites they frequently play include ‘Ghost Division’, ‘Primo Victoria’, ‘The Art Of War’, and ‘Gott Mit Uns’. Other favorites such as ‘Carolus Rex’, ‘Attero Dominatus’, and ‘40:1’ also make frequent appearances in Sabaton’s live shows. The band also often cover popular heavy metal classics such as Manowar’s ‘Kings Of Metal’ or Judas Priest’s ‘Breaking The Law’.

No matter what show you attend there is always something for everyone when it comes to Sabaton!

Do Tours Have the Same Setlist?

No, tours rarely have the same setlist. Although certain songs and pieces are sometimes performed in consecutive shows, there is usually a great deal of variation from one performance to the next. This is because musicians want to keep their performances fresh and exciting for both themselves as well as their audience.

By changing up what they play during each tour date, musicians can create an unprecedented experience every night that will leave fans eagerly anticipating their next show. As such, it’s common for bands and artists to switch around song order or even introduce new material between dates on any given tour. Ultimately, this makes seeing live music so much more enjoyable for all involved!

What is the Setlist for the Def Leppard Stadium Tour?

The Def Leppard Stadium tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience for fans. With a setlist full of classic hits, such as “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Photograph,” and “Love Bites,” it’s sure to have the audience singing along from start to finish. Other fan favorites like “Animal” and “Rock of Ages” will also make their way onto the list.

Additionally, Def Leppard has promised some surprise tracks that are sure to keep everyone guessing until the night arrives. For those who enjoy something more recent, tracks from their latest album Hysteria should also be included in this amazing stadium tour setlist!


In conclusion, the Tour to End All Tours setlist was an incredible compilation of classic rock songs that fans of all ages could enjoy. The tour featured some of the most iconic bands in music history and had a wide variety of songs from different genres. It is clear that this setlist will remain remembered by fans for years to come as one of the greatest tours ever put together.

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