Naval Academy Tours for Prospective Students

A Naval Academy tour for prospective students is an excellent way to get a firsthand experience of life as a midshipman. Tours typically include seeing the grounds and facilities, meeting with current cadets, attending classes or briefings about academic programs, participating in demonstrations of athletic activities such as boxing or climbing the greased-pole loggia, eating at King Hall mess hall dining facility, and touring ships like the USS Constitution. Prospective students may also learn about admission requirements and have access to informational materials from naval officers.

Additionally, some tours will provide an opportunity to speak one on one with admissions counselors who can answer questions regarding applications and other aspects of enrolling in the academy.

Visiting the United States Naval Academy is a great way for prospective students to get a firsthand glimpse of what life is like as part of this prestigious institution. Naval Academy tours are available throughout the year and provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the grounds, observe daily activities, and learn about cadet life from current midshipmen. Whether you’re considering attending or just curious about what it takes to become a member of this elite service academy, there’s no better way than to experience it in person through one of their guided tours.

USNA Virtual Tour

Naval Academy Tour Cost

A tour of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland is free and open to the public. The guided tours are offered on weekdays from 9am until 3pm and last approximately 45 minutes. You can also take a self-guided audio or video tour which is available online at no cost.

Naval Academy Tour Tickets

The U.S. Naval Academy offers tours of their grounds to the public as a way to recognize and honor our nation’s brave service members. Tour tickets must be purchased in advance online, with adults costing $10 each and children under 12 being admitted free of charge. The tour includes an engaging narrated bus ride around the academy grounds, giving visitors a unique glimpse into life at this esteemed institution.

Self Guided Tour of Naval Academy

A self guided tour of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the campus and its history. The grounds are open year-round for visits and feature many attractions such as Bancroft Hall, Tecumseh Court, Memorial Hall and Herndon Monument. Visitors can learn about the academy’s rich heritage through interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, and interactives along their journey.

With a self guided tour of the USNA you can take your time wandering around this historic site filled with pride and tradition!

Naval Academy Tour Review

Visiting the Naval Academy is an unforgettable experience. From the beautiful campus to the detailed tour, it’s a great way to learn about our nation’s naval history and honor those who have served in the military. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and provided interesting facts throughout, as well as answering any questions we had.

It was such an unique opportunity to get up close with these incredible ships and vessels, while also learning more about what life is like for those who serve in our armed forces. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone visiting Annapolis to take a tour of this amazing site!

Naval Academy Maryland

The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland is the premier military college of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Established in 1845, it is located on a stunning 338-acre campus overlooking Chesapeake Bay. The academy educates midshipmen from all over the country to become leaders in service to their nation and prepares them for successful careers as officers in either branch of service upon graduation.

Naval Academy Tours Parking

Naval Academy tours are a great way to explore the history and traditions of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Visitors can park their vehicles on campus free of charge while taking part in an academy tour or other activities associated with their visit. Parking is available at Gate 1, Farragut Field, Preble Hall and Unitas Stadium for visitors who have pre-registered for a guided tour or special event.

Naval Academy Virtual Tour

The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD offers a virtual tour for prospective students and families who are unable to visit the campus. The virtual tour includes 360-degree views of classrooms, athletic facilities, dorms, and other iconic locations around the academy’s grounds. Additionally, visitors can view videos from current Midshipmen about their experiences at the academy as well as learn more about admission requirements and life on campus.

Those interested in taking a virtual tour should check out the USNA website for more information.

Naval Academy Tours 2022

The United States Naval Academy offers guided tours for visitors to explore the historic grounds and learn about its rich history. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, the academy provides free tours of its iconic monuments and buildings. Visitors can also visit museums located on campus, including the U.S. Navy Museum and the National Cryptologic Museum.

Tours are available throughout 2021 but will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions; however, 2022 looks promising with more comprehensive tour packages being offered at discounted rates!

Naval Academy Tours for Prospective Students


Does Naval Academy Offer Tours?

Yes, the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland offers tours of its beautiful and historic grounds. Tours are offered year-round and provide visitors with an opportunity to explore the campus and learn more about life as a midshipman. The guided tour includes visits to some of the oldest buildings on campus, such as Bancroft Hall (the world’s largest dormitory) and Memorial Hall (which honors those who have died in service to their country).

Visitors can also visit Tecumseh Court (where plebe activities take place), see the crypt of John Paul Jones and explore numerous statues dedicated to naval heroes throughout history. The tour is a great way for families or groups of friends to get a sense for what it would be like training at one of America’s elite military academies.

How Do You Take a Tour of the Naval Academy?

Visiting the United States Naval Academy is an experience like no other. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, this stunning campus and its impressive historical buildings are sure to be a memorable part of your trip. While there’s plenty to explore on your own, taking a guided tour is one of the best ways to get the most out of your visit.

Touring the USNA can be done via self-guided audio tour or with a knowledgeable guide who will bring it all alive for you. The official USNA site offers several types of guided tours that include stops at some of the most iconic locations on campus such as Bancroft Hall, Herndon Monument, and Tecumseh Court. With each stop visitors learn about academy history and traditions from their knowledgeable guides.

Additionally, visitors can take part in special activities such as watching color guard drills or enjoying lunch at King Hall mess hall with midshipmen cadets during certain times throughout the year.

Can You Just Walk into the Naval Academy?

No, you cannot just walk into the United States Naval Academy. In order to be admitted to the school, applicants must meet rigorous academic and physical standards. The admissions process is highly competitive and requires a Congressional nomination from an authorized member of Congress as well as meeting all other eligibility requirements.

Applicants are evaluated based on their grades in academics, athletic ability, extracurricular activities, leadership potential and personal character. Once accepted into the academy, students commit to five years of active duty service upon graduation. This commitment is what makes attending the Naval Academy such a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in higher education.

How Much Does a Naval Academy Tour Cost?

Visiting the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland is a unique and memorable experience. The historic campus offers visitors an inside look at life as a midshipman, with tours of the grounds and buildings. But before you plan your visit, it’s important to know how much your tour will cost.

The USNA does not charge for admission or guided tours from April 1st through October 31st – though donations are appreciated! Self-guided audio tours are also available during this time period; these cost $15 per adult and $10 per child (ages 5–18). Note that all guests should register online prior to visiting.

For those interested in group visits outside of peak season (November 1st through March 31), there is a fee structure based on group size: groups up to 10 people pay $65 total, 11-25 people pay $150 total, 26-50 people pay $300 total, 51-75 people pay $450 total, 76+ require special arrangements. These fees help cover staff costs associated with guiding the tour­ – but note that they do not go towards any other expenses related to the visit (such as transportation or meals). Overall, planning a trip to the USNA can be very affordable depending on when you choose to go and what type of tour you select!


Overall, a tour of the Naval Academy is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to learn more about life at the academy and make an informed decision as to whether it is right for them. From getting a firsthand look at the campus and its facilities, to seeing what life in Annapolis looks like first-hand, there’s no better way to get a feel for the institution than taking part in one of these tours. Prospective students are sure to come away with valuable information that will help them decide if the Naval Academy is their best option.

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