Is Penn State Open for Tours

Yes, Penn State is open for tours. The university offers a variety of guided and self-guided tour options to accommodate all interests. A guided tour typically lasts around two hours and features visits to the main campus highlights such as Old Main, Beaver Stadium, and the Palmeiro Center.

Self-guided tours are also available that focus on different areas of interest like academics or athletics. In addition, virtual tours can be accessed online at any time from anywhere in the world. All visitors should check with the Visitor Services office before visiting to make sure they have up-to-date information about regulations and availability due to COVID restrictions.

Penn State is open for tours! Whether you’re a student interested in learning more about the university or an alumnus looking to reminisce, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and discover all that Penn State has to offer. With guided walking tours and interactive virtual experiences, visitors can get an up close look at the campus while social distancing measures remain in place.

From getting a glimpse into the classroom experience to seeing iconic landmarks like Old Main, taking a tour of Penn State is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

PENN STATE TOUR VIDEO – real student tour – watch this before going to PSU

Penn State Main Campus Open House 2022

Penn State’s Main Campus Open House 2022 will be held on April 16th. This annual event is a great opportunity for prospective students and their families to explore Penn State, meet faculty and staff, learn more about the university’s academic programs and student life, get answers to questions from admissions counselors, tour residence halls, eat in the dining commons – all while experiencing the unique spirit of Penn State!

Penn State University Park Tour

Penn State University Park is one of the most beautiful and iconic college campuses in America. Located in central Pennsylvania, visitors to Penn State can take a self-guided walking tour around campus to see some of its historic buildings, monuments, and landmarks. With over 800 acres of lush landscape and more than 150 years of tradition and excellence behind it, a tour through Penn State University Park is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Penn State Campuses

Penn State is a world-renowned university system with 24 campuses throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each campus offers its own unique atmosphere and academic opportunities, ranging from two-year associate degree programs to doctoral level research studies. Penn State’s flagship campus in University Park features some of the best academics and athletics in the nation, while other campuses offer specialized programs such as agribusiness or business technology.

No matter which campus you choose, you can be sure that your educational experience will be top notch at Penn State!

Penn State Tours 2023

Penn State Tours 2023 is a great way to explore the University Park campus and its many attractions. Designed for high school seniors, Penn State Tours provides an opportunity to speak with current students, learn about academic programs and majors, tour various buildings on campus including dorms, recreational facilities and more. With their knowledgeable staff leading the way, visitors will get an in-depth look into what it’s like to be a part of the Penn State community before they commit to attending college there.

Penn State Open House Dates

Penn State offers Open House events to students and their families who are interested in learning more about the university. These events typically take place on select dates throughout the year, usually during the summer months of June, July, and August. This is a great opportunity for potential students to explore campus life at Penn State as well as talk with faculty members and current students about academics, student activities, housing options, financial aid opportunities and much more.

Penn State Main Campus Open House 2023

Penn State’s Main Campus Open House 2023 is an excellent opportunity for prospective students and their families to explore the university and its offerings. This event will provide tours of Penn State’s campus, information sessions about admissions and financial aid, as well as opportunities to meet faculty members from various academic departments. Attendees can also take part in interactive activities such as student panels and Q&A sessions with current students.

The open house provides a great way to get a comprehensive introduction to Penn State’s vibrant campus life!

Penn State Tours 2022

Penn State Tours 2022 is an exciting opportunity to explore the vibrant campus of Penn State University. With a variety of guided tours, visitors can experience all that Penn State has to offer – from its beautiful architecture and statuesque grounds to its vibrant student life and thriving academic programs. From day trips to overnight stays, there’s something for everyone on a tour of the iconic university.

Guides provide detailed information about the school, special stops at popular spots around campus and plenty of time to take in the sights and sounds of college life at one of America’s most prestigious universities.

Penn State Self Guided Tour

A Penn State self-guided tour is a great way to explore the campus and get a feel for what it’s like to be a student at Penn State. The tour provides visitors with maps and highlights of the most popular buildings and landmarks around campus, as well as detailed information about each one. With an audio guide available through the university’s mobile app, you can take your time exploring while learning more about Penn State’s history and traditions.

Is Penn State Open for Tours


Is Penn State Open to Visitors?

Penn State is open to visitors and welcomes them with open arms. The university offers a variety of activities, attractions, and events for all interested in coming to visit the campus. From the iconic Beaver Stadium to the Bryce Jordan Center, there are plenty of ways to explore Penn State’s rich history and culture.

Visitors can also take part in some of their favorite activities like attending sporting events or visiting one of the many museums on campus. Additionally, guests can take advantage of free admissions throughout various times at certain locations around campus where they can learn more about Penn State’s traditions and stories that make it such a special place. Of course, if you’re looking for something more low-key than exploring campus attractions but still want an unforgettable experience while visiting Penn State; consider taking part in student life by joining one of our student organizations or attending public lectures hosted by faculty members from different departments across the university – these provide great insight into what makes Penn State unique!

Can I Walk around Penn State Campus?

Yes, you can walk around Penn State campus! It is a safe and beautiful place to explore. There are many walking paths and sidewalks that wind throughout the campus for visitors to enjoy.

You will find plenty of places to stop along your journey such as gardens, fountains, sculptures, museums, monuments, and more. The scenery alone provides an amazing experience with its tree-lined roads and brick buildings that stand out against the rolling hills in the background. Whether you choose to take a leisurely stroll or get some exercise while sightseeing there is something on Penn State’s campus for everyone.

Does Penn State Have Self Guided Tours?

Yes, Penn State offers self-guided tours of its main campus in University Park. The self-guided tour is designed to give visitors a comprehensive overview of the university’s buildings and facilities while familiarizing them with its history. During their visit, students and families can explore iconic landmarks such as Old Main and the Nittany Lion Shrine, stroll around the Arboretum or HUB Lawn, take photos at Beaver Stadium or Pegula Ice Arena, visit many of our student life centers such as Recreation Hall and White Building or even check out some of our top research units like Huck Institutes for Life Sciences.

Additionally, Penn State’s Admissions Office provides virtual tours so you can get an inside look into all aspects of campus life from wherever you are! Whether visiting in person or virtually, we hope that everyone gets to experience what makes being part of the Penn State family something special.

Are Penn State Buildings Open?

Penn State is currently in the process of reopening its buildings after having them closed for a period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, students are allowed to return to their on-campus residences and some facilities on campus have begun limited operations with modified hours. However, not all Penn State buildings are open at this time.

For example, many residence halls still remain closed as well as several other University facilities including libraries, recreation centers, and dining services until further notice. In addition, certain activities such as fitness classes or organized events are prohibited until further notice. The University has also implemented health and safety protocols in order to keep everyone safe while using these reopened spaces which include requiring face coverings when inside any building on campus and social distancing guidelines while utilizing common areas or shared equipment.

Despite not all buildings being open yet at Penn State, it is encouraging that progress is being made towards returning back to normal operations once again!


Overall, this blog post highlighted many interesting facts about the possibility of touring Penn State University. From its history as a college town to its current status as a hub for students and faculty alike, it is evident that Penn State University has much to offer visitors. With the university’s welcoming atmosphere and wide array of activities, there are plenty of reasons why potential tourists should consider taking a tour through this beautiful campus.

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to take in some stunning views, Penn State is sure to be an unforgettable destination.

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