How to Do the Indiana Jones Thing in Fortnite

To do the Indiana Jones thing in Fortnite, you’ll need to complete the Archaeology Challenges. Start by heading to The Spire and pick up an artifact from one of four locations. Next, use your harvesting tool on three objects that have been marked with a question mark icon.

You can find these at any location around the island. Once you’ve completed all three challenges and obtained three artifacts, head back to The Spire and place them in their slots on the pedestal. This will trigger a cutscene that will reward you with an exclusive Indiana Jones Outfit!

  • Purchase the Fortnite Indiana Jones Outfit: The first step to channeling your inner Indy is to purchase the Indiana Jones outfit from the in-game store
  • This includes a shirt, trousers, jacket, and hat similar to those seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Equip Your Pickaxe: Next, equip your pickaxe with an animation that mimics Indiana Jones’ whip by selecting “Lasso” from the list of available animations when you select your pickaxe on the weapons wheel (right trigger/R2)
  • Find a Treasure Map: To complete this iconic look you will need a treasure map in hand which can be found all over Fortnite Island; typically near campsites or hidden away underground so keep an eye out for them! 4
  • Search for Loot Chests : Now it’s time to put this classic scene into action! Once you find yourself a treasure map – use it just like Indy would and search around until you find loot chests containing precious treasures – just make sure no one else has beaten you there already! 5
  • Strike Up Some Music And Dance!: Last but not least – strike up some adventure music while dancing around like Indy as he looks for artifacts at archaeological sites – and don’t forget his famous victory pose after completing each mission!


Indiana Jones Fortnite Code

The Indiana Jones Fortnite Code is a unique code that can be entered into the Epic Games launcher to unlock exclusive in-game rewards. Players who enter this code will receive an exclusive outfit based on the classic movie character, along with other cosmetics such as pickaxes and back bling. This special promotion is available for a limited time only, so make sure you don’t miss out!

How to Unlock Indiana Jones in Lego Star Wars

If you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones franchise, you’ll be excited to know that it’s possible to unlock the character in Lego Star Wars. To do this, head into the game’s main menu and select “Extras”. From here, enter the code “INDYJONES” (without quotation marks) and Indiana Jones will become available for purchase at a cost of 1000 Studs.

This can then be used to play as Indy in any level or mission within the game!

Indiana Jones Quest

Indiana Jones Quest is an adventure game developed by LucasArts and released in 1992. It follows the exploits of archaeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones as he searches for lost artifacts and solves puzzles along the way. Players can explore a 3D world filled with traps, creatures, and challenging tasks that must be completed to progress through the story.

With its engaging storyline, dynamic gameplay, and stunning graphics, Indiana Jones Quest remains a classic among fans of adventure games.

Indiana Jones Cave Fortnite

Indiana Jones is making an appearance in the popular video game Fortnite! Players can explore a brand new area of the map, called The Cave. This special location features puzzles and traps inspired by Indiana Jones movies – such as rolling boulders, booby traps, and secret switches to unlock doors.

Players will also be able to find artifacts based on legendary scenes from the films. So get ready for some exciting action-packed adventure with Indy in Fortnite’s newest update!

Where is the Indiana Jones Vault in Fortnite

The Indiana Jones Vault is a hidden location in Fortnite that can be found near the Agency building. It’s an underground vault filled with loot and treasure, guarded by two giant snakes! To get to the vault, players must first locate the entrance which is located just south of the Agency landing pad.

Once inside, they will have access to some of the most powerful weapons and items available in Fortnite!

How to Get Prowler in Fortnite

To get Prowler in Fortnite, you’ll need to complete the Wolverine Challenges. The challenge is made up of four parts, which involve taking part in specific activities and finding certain items around the map. Once you’ve done this, Prowler will be unlocked for your character and can be used as a skin or an outfit.

Indiana Jones Challenges in Fortnite

Fortnite players can now take on the ultimate challenge with the arrival of Indiana Jones Challenges in Fortnite! Players will be able to jump into the game and complete various tasks inspired by Indy’s adventures, such as exploring hidden tombs and searching for ancient artifacts. Completing these challenges will reward players with unique rewards like new skins, emotes, and more.

So gear up and get ready to explore a world of adventure – only in Fortnite!

How to Do the Indiana Jones Thing in Fortnite


How to Do the Indiana Jones Event in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s new Indiana Jones event is here at last, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of the classic adventure franchise. If you’re looking for a way to join in on the action, then here’s everything you need to know about how to do the Indiana Jones event in Fortnite. First off, you’ll need an account that has access to Chapter 2: Season 6 content so make sure you’ve updated your game if necessary.

Once logged in, head over to The Island where you’ll find Indy’s famous hat emblazoned with his iconic logo floating above some ruins – just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark! Interact with it and choose either ‘Adventure’ or ‘Competitive’ mode depending on whether you’d prefer a solo experience or team up with friends for some PVP competition. In Adventure mode, players will have access to four different challenges based around exploration and combat set across various locations from The Island map.

Completing each challenge will reward coins which can then be used towards unlocking exclusive rewards like emotes and outfits inspired by Dr Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr himself! Meanwhile Competitive mode pits two teams against each other as they battle for control over loot caches located throughout The Island – first team who collects all their caches wins! So what are you waiting for?

Grab your fedora and whip out those guns – it’s time get adventuring!

How to Do the Indiana Jones Fortnite Temple?

To complete the Indiana Jones Fortnite Temple challenge in the game, players will need to locate and open five chests within a single match. The chests are located at various temples throughout the map, so players should take note of their locations before attempting this challenge. Once all five chests have been opened, players must then make their way to the top of each temple’s spire and interact with it to unlock an additional chest which contains Indy-themed rewards such as his iconic hat or whip.

As well as being able to obtain these items from completing this challenge, there’s also some exclusive emotes available for those who manage to finish it off! It may seem like a daunting task but with a bit of careful planning and determination anyone can easily complete this quest – just remember that patience is key when playing any video game!


The Indiana Jones thing in Fortnite is a great way to show off your skills and have a little fun. With the right strategy, you can complete it with ease and get even more creative with your gameplay. Whether you’re playing solo or as part of a team, this challenge has something for everyone.

So give it a try today and become the ultimate adventurer!

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