Does the White House Offer Tours

Yes, the White House offers tours. The White House Visitors Office provides public tours that are free of charge and includes self-guided tours as well as guided tours led by National Park Service Rangers. All visitors must obtain a tour ticket in advance from their Member of Congress or through the online reservation system.

Tours include areas such as East Wing, West Wing, State Dining Room, Red Room and Green Room. There are also special themed tours during select times throughout the year such as Christmas decorations and Easter egg roll events. Tour tickets do not guarantee access to certain parts of the White House due to security measures implemented for safety reasons so each visitor’s experience may vary slightly depending on what is open at any given time.

Yes, the White House offers tours for visitors to explore and learn about the history of the presidential residence. Tours are available through a request made through your Member of Congress or by using the self-guided tour option available at some times throughout the year. Visitors can also attend special events hosted in various rooms of this iconic building, such as press conferences or concerts.

Taking a tour is an incredible way to gain insight into our nation’s rich history while exploring one of its most famous landmarks!

How to Tour the WHITE HOUSE

Odds of Getting a White House Tour

The odds of getting a tour of the White House are not high as tours are extremely popular and limited in availability. The official White House Tour website states that all requests must be submitted through one’s Member of Congress, at least 21 days in advance. Tours may also be requested directly from the Office of Presidential Advance but those requests must also be submitted well in advance to ensure consideration.

White House Tours 2023

Although the White House is open to visitors again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a limited number of tours are being offered in 2021. However, it’s likely that by 2023 there will be more availability for the general public to visit and explore this iconic landmark. Reservations should be made well in advance as space is limited and security measures remain strict.

White House Tours Tickets

White House tours tickets are available to the public for free, however they must be requested up to three months in advance through your Member of Congress. The White House tour is self-guided and does not include access to any of the working areas of the White House. Tour hours are from 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m on Tuesday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m on Fridays, and 7:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m on Saturdays (excluding federal holidays or unless otherwise noted).

White House Tours Cancelled

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all White House tours have been cancelled until further notice. This includes public tours as well as special group and press events. The decision was made in order to protect both visitors and staff from potential exposure to COVID-19.

For those interested in getting a glimpse of the iconic building, the White House has provided virtual tour options on their website.

White House Tours for Foreigners

Foreigners who wish to take a tour of the White House can do so by registering on the website for the White House Visitor Center. The tours are free and open to visitors from all countries; however, they must be requested up to three months in advance and require approval through a security screening process before being allowed entry. All foreign nationals, regardless of citizenship status, must present valid identification upon arrival at the White House Visitor Center.

How to See the White House from Outside

The White House is one of the most iconic buildings in the United States and many people want to get a glimpse of it. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an invited guest to see the White House from outside! The White House Visitor Center on 15th Street NW offers tickets for self-guided tours that provide visitors with access to view some of the exterior areas.

Additionally, there are several spots around Washington DC where you can catch a great view of this famous building without having to enter onto its grounds. The Ellipse and Lafayette Park both offer excellent vantage points for taking photos or just admiring America’s presidential residence from afar.

Can You Meet the President on a White House Tour

No, it is not possible to meet the President on a White House tour. The White House offers self-guided tours that give visitors access to certain parts of the building including the East Wing, Red Room and Blue Room; however, these tours do not provide any opportunity for interaction with the President or other members of his staff.

Does the White House Offer Tours


How Much Does a White House Tour Cost?

A White House tour is an amazing experience, but it does come with a cost. A self-guided tour of the White House costs nothing, though you have to submit a request through your Member of Congress at least 21 days in advance and will be limited to the public areas of the building. For those looking for more than just a glimpse into America’s most iconic residence, guided tours are available and require that tickets be requested up to six months in advance through your local Member of Congress.

The cost for these tours varies based on age group: adults 18+ must pay $30 per person, while children ages 7-17 pay $24 per person; children 6 and under are free. All tickets must also include photo identification upon entry as well as security screening prior to entering the building. While this may seem like a hefty price tag, it’s worth every penny when considering what an opportunity it is to walk among history and see first-hand one of the most famous buildings in all of America!

Do They Still Do Tours of the White House?

Yes, they still do tours of the White House! The White House is one of the most iconic and historic buildings in the United States and it’s a great honor to be able to visit this amazing place. Tours are available for both individuals and groups, but they must be requested through your Member of Congress up to three months in advance.

All visitors will undergo security screening upon arrival at the White House Visitor Center located at 15th Street between E Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW. Once cleared by security you’ll have access to public areas including East Wing, Red Room, Blue Room, State Dining Room, Green room and more! Touring these rooms provides a unique experience that allows visitors to get up close with history while learning about our nation’s leader from knowledgeable tour guides.

So if you’re looking for an exciting way to explore Washington DC then consider visiting the White House on a guided tour – it will surely make for an unforgettable experience!

Can You Have a Tour of the White House?

Yes, you can have a tour of the White House! The tours are free and available to the public with advance reservations being made through your Member of Congress. Tours are available from 7:30am to 11:30am Tuesday through Thursday and 7:30am to 1:30pm Fridays and Saturdays (excluding federal holidays or unless otherwise noted).

Tour requests must be submitted up to six months in advance but no less than 21 days in advance. During the self-guided tour, visitors will see locations such as the East Room, Green Room, Blue Room, Red Room, State Dining Room and more. There is also an opportunity for photos outside the North Portico entrance of the White House.

As part of security measures all guests must pass through metal detectors prior to entering any area within the White House complex; therefore it is recommended that all items that may trigger additional inspections be left at home or locked in one’s vehicle including backpacks and suitcases.

Why are White House Tours Closed?

The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States and a symbol of American democracy, so it’s no surprise that tours of its iconic halls are popular among visitors. Unfortunately, due to security concerns, public access to the White House has been restricted since 2013. The closure was prompted in part by an incident where a man managed to make his way through multiple layers of security before being apprehended on the grounds.

As a result, all guided tours have been suspended indefinitely as officials work hard behind the scenes to ensure that such an event never happens again. In addition, heightened security measures such as metal detectors and vehicle screenings have been implemented around the perimeter for added protection. While this may be disappointing news for those hoping to get up close and personal with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is important that we value our leaders’ safety above anything else; after all, if we want them to serve us well then they must remain safe at all times!


The White House offers a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the general public to tour its historic halls. While it is a privilege to be among the few who are able to visit, there are some restrictions in place that must be followed. The process of obtaining tickets can take months so interested individuals should plan ahead accordingly.

Ultimately, taking a tour of the White House is sure to be an incredible experience and one that all visitors will remember fondly for years to come.

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