Director Michael Campus’ The Mack is stone-cold-blooded truth masquerading as a street hustle

When you consider the evidence, the 1970s was the greatest crime movie period since the 1930s. Maybe it’s because of the grim film stock, but those 10 years were so filled with the criminal element even a highly-rated political journalism feature like All the President’s Men (1976) is really an investigation into indictable acts. The … Read more

There’s no evidence that Aethelred was a cruel husband to Aethelflaed

Den of Geek is speaking to Professor Ryan Lavelle about Early Medieval ruler ealdorman Aethelred of Mercia. “The leading question I think you’re asking,” he laughs, “is was he really such a complete shit?” That’s exactly the question we’re asking. In Netflix historical drama The Last Kingdom, “complete shit” doesn’t begin to cover Aethelred. Toby … Read more

The Winter King plays around with the family relationships a little

MGM+’s new series about King Arthur, The Winter King, is based on a trilogy of novels by well known historical novelist Bernard Cornwell, author of the Sharpe books. Cornwell’s historical fiction is always well-researched. But just how “historical” is King Arthur in the first place? People have been telling stories about King Arthur for centuries, … Read more

Domina is not immune from the sorts of minor inaccuracies that always pop up in historical dramas

Ancient history is a gift to screenwriters, because you can make up most of what’s going on and still claim to be completely historically accurate. Domina takes full advantage of that to produce what might be the most historically accurate period drama ever made, even though it might not bear any resemblance to the actual … Read more

Phil Spencer Would Love For Xbox to Acquire Nintendo

It’s been a hot minute since anyone mentioned the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft in the same sentence. The last we heard about them, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley had denied the FTC’s request for a preliminary injunction, which had seemingly freed up Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard. That merger hasn’t officially been completed yet, … Read more

The series was created by Ali LeRoi and Chris Rock

Contents [hide] 1 Who is Tequan Richmond?2 How rich is he, as of now? Tequan Richmond Net Worth3 Early Life, Parents, Nationality, Ethnicity, Educational Background4 Modeling Career5 Career Beginnings on Film and TV6 Rise to Stardom7 Continued Success8 Further Work9 Music Career10 Appearance and Vital Statistics11 Personal Life, Hobbies, and FavoritesWho is Tequan Richmond? … Read more