Are There Tours of Balmoral Castle

Yes, there are tours of Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The castle is open to visitors from April until the end of July each year and offers two types of guided tours – a standard tour and a private tour. The standard tour lasts around 90 minutes and takes visitors through the State Rooms which contain some very fine furniture, paintings and artefacts associated with the Royal family.

It then moves onto the gardens where guests can explore the grounds on their own before returning back to the main entrance. Private tours offer exclusive access to areas not included in the standard tour such as additional rooms, collections or special exhibits within Balmoral’s walls. These private tours need to be booked well in advance as they are extremely popular during peak season (April-July).

Yes, there are tours of Balmoral Castle! The castle is open to the public from April through July each year and offers guided tours of its gardens, exhibitions, and estate. Tours provide a unique insight into the history and culture of Scotland’s Royal Family as well as a chance to explore the stunning grounds around Balmoral Castle.

From learning about Queen Victoria’s love for Highlands life to admiring the beautiful architecture, these tours offer something special for everyone.

Balmoral Castle Tour: The Queens Scottish Castle

Can You Visit Balmoral Castle in September

Yes, you can visit Balmoral Castle in September. The castle and grounds are open to visitors from the beginning of April until the end of July, with extended hours during August. However, it is possible to book a guided tour of parts of the castle and gardens in September – just make sure you check availability before making your travel plans!

Balmoral Castle Virtual Tour

Experience the majestic beauty of Balmoral Castle from your own home with a virtual tour! Explore the grounds and gardens, take in stunning views of Lochnagar, admire the grand architecture, and learn about its rich history. With interactive maps and multimedia content, it’s sure to be an enjoyable virtual experience for all.

Can You Visit Balmoral Castle in October

Yes, you can visit Balmoral Castle in October! During this time of year, the castle is open to visitors from 9:30am – 5pm daily. The estate also offers a range of activities such as guided tours and outdoor activities like walking trails and fishing which are available throughout the month.

As temperatures begin to cool down during October, it’s a great time to explore all that Balmoral has to offer!

Balmoral Castle Tours from Edinburgh

A visit to Balmoral Castle from Edinburgh is a great way to experience the grandeur of this iconic Scottish landmark. Located in Aberdeenshire, it is just under two hours away by car and there are several tour companies offering day trips which include transportation, guided tours of the castle, and time for exploring its grounds. The tours make an especially good option if you are short on time as they provide an efficient way to explore one of Scotland’s most historic sites without having to rent a car or navigate public transportation.

Can You See Balmoral Castle from the Road

No, you cannot see Balmoral Castle from the road as it is located in a large estate. The estate is surrounded by trees and covers over 50,000 acres of land; making it impossible to glimpse any part of the castle from the road. However, visitors who take a guided tour inside Balmoral Estate can enjoy stunning views of the iconic building.

Balmoral Castle Tickets

Balmoral Castle is one of the UK’s most iconic and beloved tourist attractions, located in Scotland. Visitors can purchase tickets to this incredible castle online or on site at Balmoral Castle itself. The ticket prices vary according to what part of the year you visit, but generally range from £9-£17 for adults and £4-£10 for children aged 5-16 years old.

Additionally, there are special rates available for students and families that offer discounts on entry fees.

Why is Balmoral Castle Closed

Balmoral Castle is closed to the public during part of the year as this is when it is used by members of the Royal Family. During this time, all visitor access to Balmoral Castle and its grounds, including tours and events, are suspended while they enjoy private family time at their summer residence in Scotland.

Can You Visit Balmoral Castle in August

Yes, you can visit Balmoral Castle during the month of August. The castle is open to visitors from April until the end of July and then reopens again in late August for an additional two weeks before closing for winter. During your visit, you will be able to explore various parts of the castle grounds, including the gardens and woodland walks.

You may also have an opportunity to purchase souvenirs from one of the several gift shops located on site.

Are There Tours of Balmoral Castle


Can You Tour the Balmoral Castle?

Yes, you can tour the Balmoral Castle! Located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, this beautiful castle is a popular tourist destination with breathtaking views. The castle was built by Queen Victoria and has been home to many royal families since then.

Visitors are able to explore the grounds on guided tours which last approximately 45 minutes and include stops at several points of interest such as the Ballroom, Throne Room and Library. During these tours visitors will learn about the history of Balmoral Castle including facts about its architecture, construction and inhabitants. Additionally, there are also audio-visual presentations available within various sections of the castle that help explain its features further.

After being welcomed into one of Scotland’s most iconic historical sites it is definitely worth taking some time out to explore what it has to offer!

Is Balmoral Castle Worth Visiting?

Balmoral Castle is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience. This historic castle was the official residence of the British Royal Family since 1852 and it offers a unique glimpse into how Queen Victoria and her family lived during their summer holidays. The castle itself is stunning, with its distinctive Scottish baronial architecture and beautifully manicured gardens which make it a truly magical place to visit.

Inside, visitors can explore the lavish state rooms, learn about life in the castle through interactive exhibits, or just take a peaceful stroll around the grounds. There are also plenty of other attractions nearby such as Balmoral Estate’s Highland Wildlife Park where you can get up close with animals like red deer and wildcats; or Crathie Kirk Church which has been linked to various members of British royalty over centuries. All in all, there’s something for everyone at Balmoral Castle – from history buffs to nature lovers – making it an ideal destination for anyone who wants to experience something truly special!

How Long is a Tour of Balmoral Castle?

Balmoral Castle is a popular attraction in Scotland, and visitors from all over the world come to explore its fascinating history. But just how long does it take to do a tour of Balmoral Castle? The answer depends largely on your interests and the type of experience you are hoping for.

Generally speaking, it takes around two hours to complete an introductory tour of Balmoral Castle that focuses on the main attractions including Queen Victoria’s private apartments, the gardens, and the royal residences. However, if you want a more comprehensive experience with a guide who can provide additional information about Scottish heritage or stories associated with specific parts of the castle then three or four hours will be necessary. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to touring this incredible historical site; everyone has their own preferences and desires when exploring such a place so only you can decide how long your tour should last!

Are You Allowed to Walk on Balmoral?

Yes, you are allowed to walk on Balmoral. The Royal Estate of Balmoral is situated in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and has been a residence for the British Royal Family since 1852. It is open to the public during certain times of year for visitors to explore and experience its vast beauty.

During these months, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as walking around the estate’s grounds, admiring its breathtaking views or even taking part in guided tours around some of its historical buildings. As long as you stay within designated paths and marked areas, walking on Balmoral is permitted as it does not interfere with any of the private residences or gardens that surround it. Additionally, there are plenty of other activities available including clay shooting and horse riding if you wish to take part in something more adventurous!


In conclusion, taking a tour of Balmoral Castle is an experience that should not be missed. Not only will visitors learn about the history and culture of Scotland but they will also get to admire this stunning architectural landmark. Both guided tours and audio tours are available for those who wish to explore Balmoral Castle in greater detail.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about Scotland or just want to take a memorable trip, visiting Balmoral Castle can provide long-lasting memories that you won’t soon forget!

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