10 Best Things to Do in St Asaph: Top Attractions & Places

1. Visit St Asaph Cathedral: The majestic cathedral with its stunning architecture is one of the oldest and most impressive churches in Wales. 2. Explore Clwydian Range & Dee Valley AONB: This area of outstanding natural beauty is perfect for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers alike. 3. Attend a Concert at North Wales Performing Arts Centre: Situated within the grounds of Glyndwr University, this venue plays host to some fantastic concerts throughout the year.

4. Take Part in a Race at North Wales Karting Centre: If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush then why not take part in a race around their challenging indoor circuit? 5. Enjoy Some Local Cuisine at The Bull Inn Restaurant and Bar: Relax with some delicious food from their award-winning menu or sample some local ales from their bar selection! 6 .

Go Horse Riding on Offa’s Dyke Path : With views stretching out across towards England, explore this ancient boundary path on horseback! 7 . Spend the Day Shopping at St Asaph Retail Park : With over 20 shops offering everything from clothing to homeware, there’s something for everyone here!

8 . Get Creative at Crafty Catz Art Workshop : Experience art like never before by taking part in one of their creative workshops! 9 .

Learn About Local History At Denbigh Museum : Discover more about St Asaph’s fascinating past through interactive displays and artefacts housed here! 10 . Try Something New At Aberconwy Adventure Park : From paintballing to high ropes courses, you can have fun while trying new things all day long here!

If you’re looking for a great place to visit in the UK, St Asaph is a must-see. This small city in North Wales offers plenty of attractions and activities that will keep you entertained during your stay. From its beautiful architecture and stunning scenery to its lively nightlife and culture, there’s something for everyone here.

To help you get started on what promises to be an unforgettable trip, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best things to do in St Asaph. Whether it’s exploring the ruins of Rhuddlan Castle or taking part in one of their many outdoor festivals, these top attractions are sure to make your time spent in this charming Welsh town even more memorable!

10 Best Tourist Attractions in St Asaph, Wales

St Asaph Denbighshire

St Asaph is the smallest city in Wales and is located in Denbighshire, North East Wales. It has a population of around 3,400 people and has been an important religious centre for centuries. St Asaph was also once home to a thriving industrial community; however, today it is mainly known for its historical architecture and picturesque countryside which attract visitors from all over the world.

With its close proximity to other popular tourist destinations such as Snowdonia National Park, Rhyl Beach and Bodelwyddan Castle, St Asaph makes an ideal base for exploring the region’s many attractions.

Things to Do in Rhyl

Rhyl is a city in North Wales that offers plenty to do for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to relax, Rhyl has something for everyone. From beautiful beaches and coastal walks, to attractions such as the Welsh Mountain Zoo and Seaquarium, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this vibrant seaside town.

Foodies won’t be disappointed either with a great selection of traditional pubs, cafes and restaurants offering local delicacies. With its stunning views over the Irish Sea, Rhyl is perfect for a day out or weekend away!

St Asaph Cathedral

St Asaph Cathedral is a medieval church located in the city of St Asaph, Denbighshire, Wales. It has been described as one of the most remarkable examples of Norman architecture in Britain and is Grade I listed building. Founded by Dafydd ap Gruffudd, who became Bishop of St Asaph in 1288, it was completed around 1350 and its original structure remains largely unchanged today.

This impressive cathedral boasts a rich history with many notable features such as its 15th century stained glass windows and fourteenth-century stone effigies which draw admirers from all over the world.

St Asaph – Weather

St Asaph is located in North Wales and enjoys a mild climate, with average temperatures ranging from 4°C (39.2°F) in the winter to 17°C (62.6 °F) in the summer months. The town also experiences higher rainfall than some other parts of the UK, particularly during October to February when around 150mm of precipitation falls each month on average. Despite this, days remain largely dry throughout the year and sunshine levels are quite high due to its coastal location.

St Asaph Postcode

St Asaph postcode, or area code, is LL17. This covers the city of St Asaph in Denbighshire, Wales and its surrounding areas. The town itself has a population of 3,400 people as of 2011 census data and is located on the River Elwy close to the border with England.

It was granted city status in 2012 by Queen Elizabeth II to mark her diamond jubilee year.


Bodelwyddan is a small town in Denbighshire, North Wales. Located on the banks of the River Clwyd, it is steeped in history and has been home to many famous people over the years. Visitors can explore attractions such as Bodelwyddan Castle, National Trust properties, beautiful gardens and parks, great shopping experiences at local markets or independent stores, an array of delicious dining options and plenty of outdoor activities for those who love to be active.

Tweedmill Shopping Outlet

Tweedmill Shopping Outlet is a shopping destination located in North Wales, UK. With over 25 shops and cafes to choose from, it’s the perfect place for those looking for a unique retail experience. From outdoor clothing to handmade rugs and furniture, shoppers can find something special at Tweedmill Shopping Outlet.

Whether you’re looking for quality gifts or something new for your home, this outlet has plenty of options available at discounted prices.

St Asaph Pronunciation

St Asaph is a small city in Wales, located on the River Elwy. It’s pronunciation can be tricky for non-Welsh speakers, but it should be pronounced “stah-saff”. St Asaph has a population of around 3,500 and is known as the smallest city in Britain.

10 Best Things to Do in St Asaph: Top Attractions & Places

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What are Some of the Best Things to Do in St Asaph

If you’re looking for a great place to spend some time away, St Asaph is the perfect destination. Located in North Wales, it offers an incredible variety of activities and attractions that will make your visit enjoyable and memorable. From outdoor pursuits like walking and biking to cultural sights such as churches and monuments, there is something for everyone here.

One of the best things to do in St Asaph is explore its natural beauty by taking a scenic walk along one of its many trails, with stunning views across the countryside or up close encounters with wildlife. You can also enjoy watersports on nearby Llyn Alaw lake or take part in exciting events such as music festivals at Rhuddlan Castle. If culture is more your thing then you won’t be disappointed either; St Asaph hosts several museums where visitors can learn about local history or art galleries full of unique pieces from around the world.

To top it all off, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants offering delicious food made using locally sourced ingredients – making this charming village even more unforgettable!

Are There Any Attractions in St Asaph That are Suitable for Children

St Asaph is a great place to visit if you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do with your children. There are plenty of attractions suitable for all ages, such as the North Wales Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve which offers an array of educational activities, walks and wildlife spotting opportunities. The area also boasts numerous recreational parks, including the St Asaph City Park – a popular spot for kids with its fountains, play equipment and picnic areas.

For those seeking some indoor entertainment there’s Laser Tag Extreme which provides laser tag games in a safe environment. If you’re looking to have some old-fashioned family fun then head over to the Bowling Alley or take a trip on the Llangollen Canal boat trips that run from nearby Rhuddlan Marina throughout summer months. With so many wonderful attractions available in St Asaph it’s no wonder why families choose this destination time after time!

Is It Easy to Get around St Asaph by Public Transport

St Asaph is a small city in Wales, located about 4 miles east of Rhyl. Although it has a population of just over 3,000 people, there are still plenty of ways to get around the city by public transport. The bus service runs regularly throughout the week and on weekends, with routes connecting St Asaph to nearby towns such as Rhyl and Prestatyn.

There is also a train station that connects St Asaph to other parts of North Wales and beyond. For those looking for an even more convenient way to travel around town, there are several taxi services available which can take you anywhere you need to go within the area quickly and easily. All in all, getting around St Asaph by public transport shouldn’t be too difficult – so long as you know where you want to go!

What Type of Cuisine is Available in the Restaurants And Pubs in St Asaph

The restaurants and pubs in St Asaph offer a wide range of different cuisines to suit all tastes. From traditional Welsh cuisine such as cawl and laverbread, to popular pub favourites like fish & chips, there’s something for everyone. You can also find Indian curries, Italian pastas, Chinese stir-frys and Mexican tacos on the menu.

For those looking for something more unique or speciality dishes you’ll be spoilt for choice with options such as Mediterranean tapas, steak fajitas and seafood platters available too. Whether you’re after a quick bite or an indulgent three course meal there’s sure to be something that will tickle your taste buds!

Are There Any Historic Sites Or Monuments Worth Visiting While Exploring the Town

Exploring historic sites and monuments is an excellent way to gain insight into a town’s history. Not only can you learn about the founding of the town, but also its people, culture, and unique contributions it has made throughout time. The best part about visiting these places is that it often doesn’t cost much money or require any special skills; many of them are open to the public for free or at minimal cost.

While exploring the town, there are several places worth visiting. Perhaps one of the first stops should be a local museum or historical society which will provide valuable information on past events as well as artifacts from former civilizations in this area. Other notable attractions may include old churches and cathedrals that were built centuries ago; grand statues honoring prominent figures who used to live in this place; ancient ruins such as aqueducts and fortifications; natural landmarks like lakes and rivers with fascinating stories behind each one; memorials dedicated to those who have passed away or fought bravely for their country; train stations where thousands of travelers embarked upon journeys long ago – all these make great destinations when exploring any town!

Are There Any Outdoor Activities to Enjoy near St Asaph Such As Hiking Trails, Water Sports, Etc

St Asaph is a beautiful city located in North Wales and offers a variety of outdoor activities for locals and visitors alike. From hiking trails to water sports, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors near St Asaph. To start off, many of the area’s parks have designated walking or cycling paths which provide stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

There are also several nearby lakes where you can take part in a range of watersports such as sailing, canoeing or kayaking. For those looking for something more adventurous, there is rock climbing on some nearby cliffs and caves that offer an exciting challenge. Not far from St Asaph lies Snowdonia National Park which provides fantastic opportunities for mountain biking, horse riding and hillwalking among others – there really is something for everyone!

Finally, don’t forget all the amazing beaches within easy reach; whether it’s relaxing with a picnic while watching the waves crash against the shore or getting involved in fun beach sports like volleyball – you won’t be disappointed!

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What Kind of Shopping Options Can Be Found in And around the Town Centre

The town centre offers a great selection of shopping options for those looking to get some retail therapy. From clothing stores to grocery shops, there is something for everyone in the area. There are also several malls and department stores that offer discounts on bulk purchases, making them a great option if you need to buy multiple items at once.

But if you’re just wanting something small or specific, there are plenty of smaller boutique shops throughout the town centre that carry unique products from local suppliers or artisans. For everyday needs like groceries, pharmacy items and household goods, there are numerous convenience stores and supermarkets located near the city’s core where customers can find everything they need in one place. Finally, no trip to the town centre would be complete without checking out its vibrant nightlife scene; with an array of bars and clubs as well as restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, this is certainly an exciting place to visit!

Does St Asaph Offer a Variety of Accommodation Choices for Visitors Looking to Stay Overnight Or Longer Term

St Asaph is a wonderful place to stay in North Wales, offering visitors a range of accommodation choices from hotels and B&Bs to self-catering holiday cottages. Whether you’re looking for a short overnight stay or an extended visit, St Asaph has something to suit everyone’s needs. Hotel options vary from luxury five-star resorts with ample facilities such as spas, fitness centers and pools to more modest yet comfortable budget lodgings.

Bed & Breakfasts provide homelike atmosphere in local homes while self-catering holiday cottages offer the independence of having your own space along with all the necessary amenities including fully equipped kitchens and living areas so that you can feel truly at home during your stay. There are also plenty of camping sites where you can bring your caravan or tent for an outdoor adventure amidst stunning natural scenery. No matter what type of accommodation choice best suits your individual needs, St Asaph will be sure to have it available for anyone looking for somewhere special to spend their time away from home.

Is There an Abundance of Cultural Events Or Performances Held Regularly Throughout the Year in the Area

Yes, there is an abundance of cultural events and performances held regularly throughout the year in our area. From art galleries and museums to concerts, plays, festivals and more, there is something for everyone! Whether you’re interested in classical music or hip-hop dance, theater or movie screenings, we have it all.

There are regular live jazz events at local venues like The Blue Note as well as traditional folkloric performances by local troupes such as Ballet Folkorico de Mexico which can be seen during several months of the year. Annual festivals such as Sabor Latino bring together a variety of cultures from across the region with food stands serving traditional dishes from different countries alongside musical acts ranging from reggae to salsa. Movie theaters host special showings of classic films while comedy clubs provide night after night of stand up entertainment.

With so much going on throughout the year here in our area it’s impossible not to find something that will pique your interest!

Are There Any Notable Festivals Or Holiday Celebrations Taking Place Annually at Various Locations Throughoutstasaphand Its Surroundings Areas

Each year, St. Asaph and its surrounding areas come alive with a number of unique festivals and holiday celebrations. From the annual Summer Festival to the world-renowned Welsh National Eisteddfod, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant area. The Summer Festival has been running since 1951 and is one of the largest events in North Wales, attracting thousands of visitors each year who flock to see live music performances, parades, fireworks displays and more.

Meanwhile, the Welsh National Eisteddfod held every summer sees choirs from all over Wales compete against each other as well as hosting traditional dance competitions and workshops on Welsh language and history. For those looking for something a bit more offbeat then why not check out the Snowdonia Marathon or take part in any number of outdoor activities such as mountain biking or coasteering? And don’t forget about Halloween either; it’s celebrated here with some truly spooky events!

With so much going on throughout St Asaph and its surroundings areas annually there really is something for everyone – make sure you plan your trip soon so you can join us at these wonderful festivities!


St Asaph is an amazing place filled with a variety of activities and attractions perfect for people of all ages. From beautiful landscapes to exciting nightlife, there are plenty of things to do in St Asaph that will make your stay both fun and memorable. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or indoor entertainment, this quaint town has something special to offer everyone.

With its unique charm, stunning scenery and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise why so many visitors flock here every year!

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