10 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe: Top Attractions & Places

1. Explore the Plaza: The oldest public area in the United States, it is a great place to observe local culture and enjoy old-world architecture. 2. Visit Canyon Road: A scenic art district filled with galleries and shops that offer unique artwork from all over New Mexico. 3. Attend the Santa Fe Opera House: Enjoy world-class performances of opera and musical theater at this beautiful venue open since 1957.

4. Take a Hike on the Dale Ball Trails: Enjoy outdoor recreation while exploring 25 miles of trails through forested canyons and plateaus above Santa Fe’s city limits . 5. Visit Museum Hill: An important cultural center, it houses four museums such as the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Wheelwright Museum of Native American Art, International Folk Art Museum, and SITE Santa Fe (Sculpture Institute for Contemporary Art). 6. Explore Georgia O’Keeffe’s Home & Studio Tour: Get an inside look into life behind one of America’s most notable female painters by taking this guided tour offered year round at Abiquiu Historic District in Northern New Mexico .

7 Meow Wolf : Experience interactive art installations ,explore various worlds created by artists connected together under one roof at this eccentric attraction near downtown Santa Fe . 8 See Native American Ruins : Spend a day exploring ancient ruins like Puye Cliffs or Tsankawi Ancient Village found just outside town limits to get an idea about how people lived centuries ago in Northern New Mexico before colonization . 9 Walk Along Canyon Rim Trail : This trail offers spectacular views along its five mile stretch located within Bandelier National Monument which was declared part of UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1992 due to its archeological importance across North America .

Santa Fe is a city full of adventure, culture and history. From visiting its iconic landmarks to exploring the many outdoor activities it has to offer, there’s something for everyone when visiting Santa Fe. Whether you’re looking for an exciting day trip or an extended vacation, these are 10 of the best things to do in Santa Fe: Visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Explore Loretto Chapel; Take a Stroll Through the Plaza de Española; Tour San Miguel Mission Church; Ride on The Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway; Soak up Some Sun at Hyde Memorial State Park ; Shop for Souvenirs at The Shops At La Fonda On The Plaza ; Dine Out At Historic Restaurants Like El Farol & Cowgirl BBQ ; Learn About Native American Culture & History At Indian Pueblo Cultural Center ; and Catch A Performance At Santa Fe Opera House .

17 Things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico: A Travel Guide

Things to Do in Santa Fe for Couples

Santa Fe is the perfect place for couples to explore and spend quality time together. From art galleries, world-famous cuisine, and majestic landscapes, you’ll find plenty of activities that are sure to make your trip unforgettable. Take a romantic stroll down Canyon Road with its vibrant galleries filled with stunning artwork or take in the breathtaking views from atop Santa Fe’s historic adobe buildings.

Spend an evening at one of Santa Fe’s many authentic restaurants serving up delicious New Mexican cuisine before heading out to catch live entertainment or music performances at any of the city’s vibrant venues. With so much to see and do, there’s no shortage of things for you and your partner in crime can enjoy on a getaway to this special corner of New Mexico!

Things to Do in Santa Fe for Young Adults

Santa Fe is a great destination for young adults looking for an exciting and memorable experience. With its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant nightlife, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Popular things to do in Santa Fe include exploring the city’s many art galleries and museums, discovering local cuisine at one of the top-rated restaurants in town, taking a scenic hike through some of the area’s most breathtaking trails such as Atalaya Mountain Trail or Nambe Falls Trail, catching a show at Meow Wolf or The Lensic Performing Arts Center or even attending one of Santa Fe’s legendary music festivals like Summerfest or Fiestas de Santa Fe.

No matter what your interests may be there is something fun to do in Santa Fe!

Things to Do in Santa Fe With Kids

Santa Fe is a great destination for families looking to explore the outdoors, culture and history. From outdoor adventures like Santa Fe Ski Basin or Pecos National Historical Park, to visiting one of the many museums such as Museum of International Folk Art or Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, there is something for everyone in Santa Fe. Kids can also enjoy local attractions like The Adventure Park at Las Campanas and Meow Wolf interactive art installations!

Things to Do in Santa Fe This Weekend

Santa Fe is an exciting city with plenty of activities for visitors this weekend. From visiting the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to sipping on margaritas in the Plaza de Santa Fe, there are endless possibilities for fun! For those looking to explore outdoors, take a hike or bike ride along the Dale Ball Trails or explore the area’s many art galleries and studios.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, consider taking a hot air balloon ride over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains for breathtaking views. With so much to do in Santa Fe this weekend, there’s no shortage of fun ways to enjoy your time here!

Free Things to Do in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a wealth of free activities for visitors and locals alike. From the picturesque downtown plaza to the numerous galleries and museums, it’s easy to find something fun to do without spending money. Popular attractions such as Canyon Road Arts District, Santa Fe Railyard Park & Plaza, The Loretto Chapel, and San Miguel Mission offer free admission.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore miles of trails in the surrounding national forests or take advantage of the city’s many parks for picnics and nature walks.

Things to Do in Santa Fe New Mexico in December

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great place to visit in December! The city is full of unique attractions, activities and events that make it perfect for family getaways or romantic weekend trips. Take advantage of the winter weather and explore the nearby ski resorts like Ski Santa Fe or Sandia Peak.

End your day with dinner at one of Santa Fe’s renowned restaurants while admiring their stunning mountain views. Plus, enjoy some of the special holiday festivities such as Christmas on the Plaza which features live music and delicious food vendors every Friday night throughout December.

Things to Do in Santa Fe at Night

Santa Fe is a vibrant city with plenty of activities to do at night. Whether you’re in the mood for dinner and drinks, live music, or an outdoor adventure, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained after dark. A few popular evening attractions include catching a show at the Santa Fe Opera House, exploring Canyon Road galleries and restaurants, and taking in the stunning views from atop Fort Marcy Park.

If all else fails, head over to the Railyard District for some late-night shopping or grab a craft beer at Second Street Brewery. No matter what your plans are for an evening out in Santa Fe – it’s sure to be memorable!

Things to Do in Santa Fe Today

Santa Fe offers plenty of activities for visitors and locals alike. Today, why not explore the city’s unique architecture or take a stroll through one of its many art galleries? If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the Santa Fe Ski Basin for some great skiing and snowboarding – it’s an unforgettable experience!

For something more laid-back, book yourself a refresher at one of Santa Fe’s world class spas or relax in nature with a hike up to Atalaya Mountain. Whatever your interests are, there’s something special waiting to be discovered in Santa Fe today!

10 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe: Top Attractions & Places

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What is Two Things Santa Fe is Known For?

Santa Fe, New Mexico is known for its: * Rich culture and history * Beautiful scenery.

The area has many historic sites, museums and cultural attractions that showcase the city’s vibrant history. Santa Fe also offers stunning natural beauty with majestic mountains, breathtaking sunsets and picturesque views of the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or an adventure filled with activities, Santa Fe is sure to provide it all!

What is Santa Fe Best Known For?

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a popular destination for travelers from around the world due to its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. Here are some of its most celebrated attractions: • Santa Fe Plaza: A historic plaza with shops, restaurants, galleries and vibrant nightlife.

• Georgia O’Keeffe Museum: Home of the artist’s work in a modern setting. • Canyon Road Arts District: Stroll through galleries featuring traditional Native American art to contemporary works by local artists. • Ski Santa Fe: Ski or snowboard at this scenic mountain resort offering year-round activities.

In addition to these attractions, visitors come to experience Santa Fe’s rich cultural heritage – including distinctive Southwest cuisine, Spanish colonial architecture and stunning natural scenery – that make it truly special.

What’S Famous About Santa Fe New Mexico?

Santa Fe New Mexico is known for its incredible culture, art and architecture. Here are some of Santa Fe’s most famous attractions: – The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, home to the artist’s largest collection of artwork.

– The Loretto Chapel, a Gothic Revival chapel with an iconic spiral staircase. – Canyon Road, a vibrant street filled with galleries and shops. – Santa Fe Plaza, the heart of downtown where locals and visitors mix in this historic square.

Santa Fe also boasts amazing cuisine from local restaurants as well as art festivals throughout the year that attract both tourists and residents alike!

How to Spend Two Days in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe is the perfect destination for a two-day getaway. Here are some ideas to make your trip memorable: • Visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and take in a few of her iconic works.

• Explore the historic Plaza, where you can find unique artwork, jewelry and souvenirs from local artisans. • Take a tour at Loretto Chapel, known for its mysterious staircase which was said to be constructed without nails or other visible means of support. • Spend an afternoon strolling Canyon Road, lined with over 80 galleries featuring Southwestern artistry.

• Catch an outdoor performance at The Santa Fe Opera House during summer evenings for traditional music experiences. No matter what you choose to do during your time in Santa Fe, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience!


Santa Fe is an amazing city that has something for everyone. From exploring the great outdoors to shopping and dining in its historic downtown, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an adventurous holiday, Santa Fe has it all!

With so many incredible attractions and places to explore, it’s easy to see why Santa Fe is one of the top tourist destinations in New Mexico. So plan your trip today and discover all that this beautiful destination has to offer!

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