10 Best Things to Do in Perth: Top Attractions & Places

1. Visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden: This world-class park offers stunning views of the Swan River, city skyline and Perth’s beautiful beaches. It also features natural bushland, a wildflower garden, walking trails and picnic spots. 2. Explore Fremantle Prison: This former prison is now a World Heritage Site with an interesting history to explore through tours, exhibitions and audio experiences.

3. Take a cruise on the Swan River: A great way to get around Perth is by taking one of the river cruises that operate along the Swan River from Elizabeth Quay or South Perth Foreshore area. 4. Spend time at Cottesloe Beach: The picturesque Cottesloe Beach is one of Western Australia’s most popular beaches with its white sand, crystal clear water and abundance of restaurants nearby for when you need refreshments after your swim or surf session! 5. Tour Swan Valley wineries: For wine lovers out there don’t miss out on visiting some of the award-winning wineries in WA’s oldest wine region – the Swan Valley!

Here you can join guided tasting sessions while enjoying spectacular views over vineyards as far as eyes can see! 6. Climb Mount Eliza Lookout: Located right in Kings Park overlooking all of Perth City this lookout provides visitors with amazing sunset views over this vibrant cityscape dotted by skyscrapers against a backdrop of blue sky and sea below it! 7 .

Hike up to Lesmurdie Falls National Park : Just 20min drive away from downtown lies Lesmurdie falls national park – famed for its mesmerizing beauty thanks to some unique rock formations hidden amongst tall Karri trees creating quite an idyllic atmosphere perfect for nature walks any time during year round! 8 .Visit Rottnest Island : Hop onto one ferry ride (30 min) departing from Fremantle Harbour or take advantage free shuttle bus service running every day from central locations straight onto this secluded island where you will find white sandy beaches , turquoise waters & hidden bays just waiting be explored !

9 .Explore Art Gallery Of WA : Must visit destination if you are looking appreciate wide array artworks ranging sculptures , paintings photographs exhibited here across eight galleries showcasing works both local international artists ! 10 .

Perth is a vibrant city filled with plenty of activities and attractions to explore. From art galleries, museums, parks and beaches, there’s something for everyone in Perth! Here’s our list of the 10 best things to do in Perth: visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden; take a Swan River cruise; explore Fremantle Prison; go shopping at Hay Street Mall; admire the skyline from Kings Park Lookout; stroll along Cottesloe Beach; take a tour of Elizabeth Quay Waterfront Precinct; visit Rottnest Island; check out the Yagan Memorial at Heirisson Island and enjoy some great food at one of Perth’s many restaurants.

Whether you’re visiting for a few days or staying longer, these top attractions will ensure that your trip to Perth is an unforgettable experience!

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Unique Places to Visit in Perth

Perth, Australia is home to some truly unique places to visit. From the stunning beaches of Cottesloe and Fremantle to the vibrant culture of Northbridge, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city. Other popular attractions include Kings Park, with its breathtaking views over the river; Rottnest Island, where you can spot native wildlife like quokkas; and Swan Valley – a hub for foodies boasting world-class wineries and local produce.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Perth has it all!

Things to Do in Perth This Weekend

This weekend, why not explore all that Perth has to offer? From the beautiful beaches along Cottesloe and Scarborough to the buzzing nightlife of Northbridge, there’s something for everyone. Check out Kings Park and Botanic Garden if you’re looking for a tranquil afternoon among nature or take in some culture with visits to local museums such as The Western Australian Museum or Art Gallery of Western Australia.

For those seeking adventure, visit Adventure World theme park or take part in one of the many outdoor activities available around Perth. Whatever you choose to do this weekend – make sure it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Secret Places in Perth

Perth is a great place to explore and there are plenty of secret places to discover. From hidden bars tucked away in alleyways, to secluded beaches accessible only by boat, Perth has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous day out or some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, these secret spots offer a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

So why not explore Perth like a local and uncover some of its best-kept secrets?

Top 10 Things to Do in Perth, Australia

From relaxing on the beach to exploring World Heritage-listed forests, Perth is a vibrant city full of activities and attractions. With something for everyone, here are some of the top 10 things to do in Perth: take a ferry ride up and down the Swan River; explore Kings Park; visit Rottnest Island; experience Fremantle Markets; go wine tasting in Swan Valley; shop at Hay Street Mall or Murray Street Mall; check out Elizabeth Quay Waterfront promenade; enjoy an evening show at Crown Theatre or His Majesty’s Theatre; visit Cottesloe Beach for surf and sunsets, and finally enjoy Perth’s nightlife with its many pubs, clubs and live music venues.

Perth Attractions for Families

Perth is an exciting city for families to explore and there are many attractions that will keep everyone entertained. From the beautiful beaches of Cottesloe and Scarborough, to the interactive exhibits at Scitech Discovery Centre, there’s something for all ages! Families can also take a ride on Perth’s free CAT bus service, visit Kings Park Botanic Gardens or enjoy some retail therapy in one of Perth’s bustling shopping districts.

There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do in Perth – so get ready to have some fun!

Fun Things to Do in Perth for Adults

Perth has a vibrant social and cultural scene, with plenty to do for adults. Whether you’re looking to experience the city’s unique nightlife, explore its stunning coastline or visit some of the region’s top attractions, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained in Perth. From cycling along Swan River to visiting popular breweries and wineries, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city!

Places to Go in Perth Today

Perth is full of great places to explore and experience today. Whether you’re looking for a day out in nature or an adventure in the city, Perth has something for everyone. From Kings Park and Botanic Garden, to Rottnest Island where you can swim with dolphins, there’s plenty of options for a fun-filled day.

For those seeking some retail therapy, head over to Hay Street Mall which offers some of the best shopping experiences in town. Art lovers should check out Fremantle Markets or the Aboriginal art galleries scattered around Perth’s suburbs. And don’t forget about all the amazing restaurants that offer delicious cuisine from all around the world!

10 Best Things to Do in Perth: Top Attractions & Places

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What is Perth Famous For?

Perth is a city located in Western Australia that is famous for its sunny weather, stunning scenery, and vibrant culture. Located on the Swan River, Perth offers plenty of opportunities to explore nature with beautiful parks and beaches just minutes away. The city also boasts an array of museums, galleries and theatres showcasing both local and international artworks.

The nightlife scene in Perth is bustling with trendy bars, pubs and clubs offering something for everyone. Shopping enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with world-class shopping malls such as the Westfield Carousel Centre or Hay Street Mall providing a vast selection of retail outlets while the Fremantle Markets offer unique souvenirs from all over the world. With its idyllic location right by the Indian Ocean coastline, visitors can enjoy swimming or surfing at some of Australia’s best beaches including Scarborough Beach or Cottesloe Beach.

Whether you’re looking to soak up some sun or explore cultural attractions there’s something to suit every taste making it easy to see why Perth has become so popular amongst travellers worldwide!

What are the Iconic Locations Perth?

Perth is a beautiful city located in the south-west of Western Australia, and it’s full of iconic, memorable locations. From its stunning landscape to its vibrant culture, there are many places that make up Perth’s distinct identity. For starters, you can’t miss Kings Park – one of the largest inner-city parks in the world boasting an array of native plants and spectacular views over the Swan River and beyond.

The Perth Cultural Centre is another must-see spot for tourists; home to museums, galleries, theatres and libraries all within walking distance from each other. Another highlight is Elizabeth Quay – a waterfront area filled with restaurants overlooking the gorgeous Swan River which has become an emblematic space for locals who come here to enjoy live music or take part in outdoor activities such as kayaking or standup paddle boarding. Fremantle also provides visitors with plenty of options when it comes to sightseeing; this charming port town offers attractions like Fishing Boat Harbour Market where they can experience regional produce while admiring its famous 19th century buildings such as Roundhouse Prison and St John’s Anglican Church.

In short, no matter what type of holiday you’re after – cultural exploration or simply soaking up some sun – Perth will not disappoint!

How Many Days in Perth is Enough?

Perth is a beautiful city, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and exciting attractions. But how many days do you need to explore it all? It really depends on what kind of traveler you are.

If you’re looking for an action-packed vacation, three or four days in Perth could be enough – giving you just enough time to explore the best sights and experience some of the most thrilling activities. On the other hand, if you prefer taking your time and soaking up all that Perth has to offer at a relaxed pace, then five or six days would be ideal; allowing plenty of opportunity for sightseeing as well as leisurely strolls along iconic beaches like Cottesloe Beach and lots of enjoyable down time in between.

How Can I Spend 2 Days in Perth?

Perth, the vibrant capital of Western Australia, is a great place to explore for two days. From its bustling city centre and iconic architecture to its stunning coastal beaches and lush countryside, there’s plenty of things to do in Perth that will keep you entertained throughout your stay. Start your two day exploration with a visit to Kings Park and Botanic Garden where you can admire panoramic views over the city skyline from the top of Mt Eliza lookout or wander through more than 400 hectares of botanical gardens filled with native flora.

Afterwards, head over to Swan River foreshore for some fun activities such as paddle boarding or kayaking. To end off your first day on a high note, why not take in some amazing cultural performances at one of Perth’s many theatres? On your second day in Perth, spend time discovering all that this beautiful city has to offer by taking part in an organised walking tour which covers key attractions such as Elizabeth Quay and The Bell Tower – both popular tourist spots.

After lunch at one of Perth’s diverse eateries (try out local delicacies!), take a drive along Cottesloe Beach coast line stopping off at various lookouts points before visiting Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour where you can marvel at traditional fishing boats coming into shore each morning and afternoon. Finally don’t miss out on spending some quality time exploring one of the many unspoilt islands nearby like Rottnest Island – home to unique species like quokkas!

How to Spend a Day in Perth?

Perth is an exciting city to visit, especially due to its unique combination of natural beauty and urban sophistication. A day in Perth can be filled with activities that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. To get the most out of your time, start early by taking a scenic walk along the Swan River foreshore or explore Kings Park – one of Australia’s largest inner-city parks.

Visit some of Perth’s iconic attractions such as Elizabeth Quay, Crown Casino and Optus Stadium before heading for lunch at one of the many restaurants in Northbridge or Subiaco offering delicious local cuisine. After lunch take a leisurely ferry cruise down the Canning River to Fremantle where you can spend some time shopping for souvenirs from traditional markets or exploring historic buildings like Freemantle Prison. As evening approaches make sure you don’t miss out on watching sunset over Cottesloe Beach before winding down with dinner at Matilda Bay – located right next door to Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre – where you can enjoy spectacular views across the river while savouring your meal.

Finally end your day on top note by popping into The Flour Factory in Northbridge for drinks and live music or simply soak up the atmosphere at Northbridge Piazza during their outdoor movie nights! Whatever way you choose to spend it, a day in Perth is sure to be unforgettable!

What is the Best Area to Stay in Perth As a Tourist?

Perth is one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, offering a wide range of attractions for tourists. If you are planning a visit to Perth and want to stay in the best area, there are several great options depending on what type of experience you’re looking for. The central business district (CBD) is the heart of the city and offers plenty of accommodation choices as well as easy access to many popular sights.

Northbridge is another popular option for tourists; it’s home to some great pubs, restaurants and nightlife venues that make it an ideal spot for a lively evening out. Fremantle also has plenty to offer with its historic buildings and numerous museums, galleries and cultural attractions within easy reach. For those looking for something more relaxed, beachside suburbs like Scarborough or Cottesloe provide access to stunning beaches while still being close enough to explore Perth City itself.

Whatever your preference might be, there’s sure to be somewhere in Perth that suits your needs perfectly!


Perth is a vibrant and exciting city with plenty of activities to keep its visitors entertained. From stunning beaches, bustling markets, delicious restaurants, and historical sites, there’s something for everyone in Perth. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach day or an adventurous exploration of the city’s attractions, the 10 best things to do in Perth will ensure your visit is unforgettable.

With so much to explore and experience in this beautiful Australian destination, it’s no wonder why travellers are flocking here every year!

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