10 Best Things to Do in Pennsylvania: Top Attractions & Places

1. Visit Hershey Park : Experience a world of chocolatey goodness in beautiful Hershey, Pennsylvania. Enjoy thrill rides, roller coasters, live entertainment, water attractions and more at this beloved family-friendly theme park. 2. Explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Philadelphia Museum of Art is home to some of the world’s most amazing art collections from all over the globe.

Spend a day wandering through its galleries and soaking up culture with your friends and family. 3. Take a Trip to Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium: Get up close and personal with exotic animals like lions, tigers, bears and leopards at this popular zoo located right outside downtown Pittsburgh! Plus enjoy interactive exhibits as well as educational activities for kids too!

4. Tour Independence Hall: Step back in time by taking guided tours through this iconic landmark where both the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were signed into law! 5. Go Skiing at Seven Springs Mountain Resort : As one of Pennsylvania’s premier ski resorts , you can hit the slopes all winter long here . Enjoy downhill skiing , snowboarding , tubing or even take lessons if you’re new to it !

6 . Hike Through Pine Creek Gorge : Also known as “the Grand Canyon”of Pennsylvania , explore 50 miles worth of trails that wind through lush forests & gorges . Pack a picnic lunch & spend an entire day out here !

7 . Climb Rocks At The Allegheny National Forest: Located in northwestern PA , challenge yourself while scaling rocks on various rock climbing routes within ANF’s 495k acres – perfect for experienced climbers or those just starting out ! 8 .

Appreciate Nature At Ohiopyle State Park: This 19k acre outdoor paradise is filled with cascading waterfalls & stunning views – rent kayaks or go whitewater rafting to fully experience everything it has to offer ! 9 Visit Bucks County : Wander around quaint towns full historic charm while visiting wineries & sampling delicious local cuisine scattered throughout Bucks County – be sure not miss out on exploring New Hope either !

Pennsylvania is home to a variety of attractions, from historical sites and natural wonders to thrilling amusement parks and outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or an extended vacation, there’s something for everyone in Pennsylvania. Here are 10 of the best things to do in the state: Visit Gettysburg National Military Park; Explore Philadelphia’s Historic District; Take a Tour of Amish Country; Climb Mt. Nittany; Attend a Major Sporting Event at Citizens Bank Park or Heinz Field; Go Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River; Spend Time in Hershey Park; Enjoy Skiing at Seven Springs Mountain Resort; Relax at Ohiopyle State Park ; Marvel At The Fallingwater House.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a great place to explore the rich history, culture and outdoor recreation activities that make it an exciting destination. From rural towns in the Appalachian Mountains to bustling cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has something for everyone. Here are 10 of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania: Hershey Park, Gettysburg National Military Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park, Longwood Gardens, Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright, The Strip District (Pittsburgh), Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park (Lancaster County), Knoebels Amusement Resort (Elysburg) and Erie Lakefront Promenade.

Pennsylvania Attractions Map

Pennsylvania is home to a variety of attractions and sights, from historical landmarks to modern-day amusement parks. With its diverse range of activities and destinations, it can be difficult to know where to start exploring. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania Attractions Map provides an easy way for travelers to plan their trip around the state by pinpointing all of the most popular places in one convenient resource.

With this map, visitors can easily find out about local festivals and events, uncover hidden gems off the beaten path, or simply get an overview of what each region has to offer. So if you’re looking for some fun ideas for your Pennsylvania vacation – look no further than this handy guide!

Things to Do in Pennsylvania This Weekend

This weekend, Pennsylvania has tons of fun activities to explore. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or something more laid-back, there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone. From visiting the iconic Liberty Bell and National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, exploring the Amish countryside and its delicious cuisine in Lancaster County, or going on a wild whitewater rafting trip along the Lehigh River near Allentown – you won’t run out of things to do!

Things to Do in Pennsylvania for Couples

Pennsylvania is a great destination for couples looking to get away and explore. From romantic walks along the historic streets of Philadelphia, to wine tasting in the vineyards of Lancaster County, there’s something for everyone. Couples can experience some of Pennsylvania’s best attractions by taking a hot air balloon ride over the rolling hills of Amish Country or visiting one of its many popular state parks where they can go camping, fishing or swimming.

With so much to offer, Pennsylvania makes for an ideal destination for couples looking to reconnect and have fun!

Beautiful Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. From breathtaking mountain views and lush forests, to tranquil lakes and historic sites, Pennsylvania has something for everyone. Popular attractions include Gettysburg National Military Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall, as well as several state parks including Ohiopyle State Park and Ricketts Glen State Park.

With so much natural beauty to explore, it’s no wonder why visitors flock to this wonderful state!

Free Things to Do in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with plenty of free activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to take in some spectacular scenery, explore a fascinating historical site or simply relax and get away from it all, Pennsylvania has something for everyone. From hiking the beautiful green hills of central Pennsylvania, to taking in the breathtaking views along Lake Erie’s shoreline, there are countless free things to do in PA that will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.

Places to Visit in Pennsylvania in Winter

Winter in Pennsylvania is a great time to explore the state’s vast history, cultural attractions and outdoor activities. From skiing at Seven Springs Mountain Resort to visiting historic sites like Independence National Historical Park and Valley Forge National Historic Park, there are plenty of places to visit for anyone looking for a winter getaway. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly holiday fun or romantic weekend escapes, Pennsylvania has something unique to offer everyone during the colder months.

Places in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state rich in history and culture, offering visitors an array of places to visit. From the bustling cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the stunning natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania has something for everyone. There are also plenty of outdoor activities available in state parks such as Ohiopyle State Park or Ricketts Glen State Park.

For those looking for a unique experience, there’s Lancaster County with its Amish heritage and peaceful rural landscapes. No matter what you’re looking for, Pennsylvania is sure to have it!

10 Best Things to Do in Pennsylvania: Top Attractions & Places

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What is the Most Visited Place in Pennsylvania?

The most visited place in Pennsylvania is Gettysburg National Military Park. It is an iconic place of American history, a reminder of the great battle that took place there during the Civil War. The park features numerous monuments and memorials dedicated to honoring those who lost their lives in the conflict.

Visitors can walk its grounds and explore its many attractions such as: * General Pickett’s Charge – A monument which commemorates Union troops’ charge against Confederate forces on July 3rd 1863. * The Eternal Light Peace Memorial – Dedicated to President Abraham Lincoln for his dedication to peace.

* Cyclorama Building- This building displays a 360 degree painting depicting the events of July 3rd 1863 at Gettysburg Battlefield. Overall, visitors come from near and far to experience this historic site with over 1 million people visiting every year, making it one of Pennsylvania’s top tourist destinations!

What are the Things That You Can Do in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania offers a variety of activities: * Explore history at the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall * Take a hike in the Pocono Mountains

* Enjoy an evening of music and theater at The Kimmel Center for Performing Arts * Visit art galleries, breweries and wineries * Try your luck at one of Pennsylvania’s casinos

No matter what you’re looking for, there is something to do in Pennsylvania. Whether it’s outdoor activities, cultural experiences or gaming opportunities – this state has something for everyone.

What is Pennsylvania Most Famous For?

Pennsylvania is well known for its diverse attractions, which include historical landmarks and a vibrant culture. Some of the most famous aspects of Pennsylvania are: – The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

– Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey – Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg – The Amish Country in Lancaster County.

These tourist attractions draw millions of visitors each year and make Pennsylvania one of the most popular destinations on the East Coast.

What Places is Pennsylvania Known For?

Pennsylvania is known for its wide range of attractions, both natural and man-made. Here are some of the must-see places in Pennsylvania: * Philadelphia – The historic city boasts iconic landmarks like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

* Gettysburg – Home to a pivotal battle from the Civil War, it’s full of monuments and museums. * Poconos – A mountain range with plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing and camping. * Hershey Park– An amusement park famous for its chocolatey treats.

No matter which direction you take in Pennsylvania, there’s something to explore!


Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of attractions and places to visit, making it the perfect destination for people looking to explore the East Coast. From its cities filled with culture and history, to its natural beauty in national parks, there’s something for everyone in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or spending an extended period of time here, these 10 activities are sure to make your experience one that will be remembered fondly.

With so many amazing things to do across this incredible state, you’re sure to have a great time exploring all that Pennsylvania has to offer!

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