10 Best Things to Do in Oregon: Top Attractions & Places

1. Explore the wild beauty and rugged coastline of Oregon’s beaches like Cannon Beach, Manzanita, and Depoe Bay. 2. Tour the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area for stunning waterfalls including Multnomah Falls. 3. Visit Crater Lake National Park to experience one of the deepest lakes in North America surrounded by cliffs and old growth forests.

4. Take an adventure along Historic Highway 101 which winds its way through coastal towns with abundant seafood stops, beach parks and lighthouses. 5. Enjoy a craft beer tasting at some of Portland’s top breweries such as Widmer Brothers Brewing Company or Rogue Ales Public House & Brewery . 6. Hike to breathtaking views on Mount Hood or take a ski lift ride up Timberline Lodge Ski Area in Mt Hood National Forest for winter sports fun!

Oregon is a beautiful state with an abundance of things to do and places to explore. From the lush forests in the Coast Range to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Hood, there are plenty of activities to suit any traveler’s taste. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or cultural experiences, here are 10 of our top picks for the best things to do in Oregon: take a hike on one of Oregon’s many incredible trails; explore Portland’s vibrant downtown scene; discover Bend’s outdoor recreation offerings; visit Crater Lake National Park; go whale watching off Depoe Bay; experience Cannon Beach along the Pacific coast; enjoy wine tasting in Willamette Valley vineyards; tour Smith Rock State Park for rock climbing opportunities; marvel at Multnomah Falls and its iconic bridge overlooking it all and finally, savor local craft beer at breweries throughout the state.

Oregon Tourist Attractions: 10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon 2022

19 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Oregon

Oregon is a stunningly beautiful state with its vast landscapes, towering mountains, and picturesque coastlines. From breathtaking forests to majestic deserts, Oregon offers plenty of opportunities for travelers to explore the natural beauty that the state has to offer. Some of the most beautiful places in Oregon include Crater Lake National Park, Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood, Smith Rock State Park, Cannon Beach, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and much more.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or a relaxing getaway in nature’s embrace – these 19 most beautiful places to visit in Oregon should be at the top of your list!

Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is an incredible city to explore! There are many things to do in Portland that will appeal to all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, cultural attractions like museums and theaters, or a vibrant nightlife scene with bars and clubs – Portland has it all.

From the iconic International Rose Test Garden to Washington Park’s Japanese Gardens there are plenty of options for those who enjoy nature. For foodies, there’s no shortage of amazing restaurants serving local fare from award-winning chefs. And if you’re looking for entertainment, don’t miss out on the city’s live music venues and comedy clubs.

With so much to offer, Portland is sure to provide a unique experience each time you visit!

Oregon Tourist Attractions

Oregon is a great place to explore and experience the beauty of nature. From Portland’s thriving downtown scene to the stunning coastal views along Highway 101, Oregon has plenty of tourist attractions just waiting to be explored. For outdoor adventurers, there are thousands of trails for hiking, biking, and camping throughout the state.

The Columbia River Gorge offers breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful scenery while Mount Hood National Forest provides ample opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in winter months. Don’t miss out on visiting Crater Lake National Park or checking out some of Oregon’s famous wineries located in Willamette Valley!

Most Beautiful Places in Oregon

Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. From majestic mountains, lush forests, and picturesque coastline to rolling hills, alpine meadows and crystal clear lakes, Oregon has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway spot or an outdoor adventure destination, there’s no shortage of breathtaking places to explore in this wonderful state.

Best Places in Oregon to Live

Oregon is a great place to live, with plenty of options for different lifestyles. Whether you prefer the bustling city life of Portland or the laid-back charm of Bend, there is no shortage of places to call home in this beautiful state. With its abundance of outdoor activities and access to both mountains and beaches, Oregon offers something for everyone.

For those looking for a combination of convenience and natural beauty, Eugene and Salem are popular choices. Other top cities include Corvallis, Ashland, Medford and Hood River – each providing their own unique character along with easy access to incredible scenery.

Places to Visit in Oregon With Family

Oregon is an amazing destination to visit with family. From the breathtaking Oregon coast, where you can explore tidepools and sand dunes, to stunning mountain ranges like the Cascades and Wallowas, there’s something for everyone in Oregon. The bustling cities of Portland and Eugene offer a variety of cultural activities, while Bend offers fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities such as skiing, hiking and biking trails.

Thrillseekers won’t want to miss a trip to Crater Lake National Park or Hells Canyon Recreation Area for some truly epic views. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, Oregon has plenty of unique experiences that will create lasting memories for your entire family!

Things to Do in Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a stunning destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore rugged coastline trails and parks, or take part in exciting water sports activities like kayaking and surfing – there’s no shortage of things to do! From whale watching tours to winery visits and golfing, there are plenty of fun activities to experience during your stay at the Oregon Coast.

10 Best Things to Do in Oregon: Top Attractions & Places

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What is the Number One Tourist Destination in Oregon?

The number one tourist destination in Oregon is Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake National Park has many wonderful attractions for tourists to explore and enjoy: • Its deep, pure lake which was formed from the remains of a volcano

• The beautiful surrounding forests that provide numerous hiking trails with stunning views • A wide variety of wildlife that visitors can observe while exploring the park This national park draws millions of tourists each year who come to experience its beauty and take part in exciting activities like boating, fishing, camping, sightseeing and more.

What is the Most Famous Thing in Oregon?

The most famous thing in Oregon is undoubtedly Crater Lake National Park. It is the deepest lake in the United States and holds a special place for both locals and visitors alike. Crater Lake National Park offers:

– Spectacular views of volcanic geology, deep blue waters, old growth forests, and meadows full of wildflowers – Miles of trails that are perfect for hiking or snowshoeing – Camping opportunities and boat rentals to explore its depths

Ruggedly beautiful and iconic, it’s no wonder Crater Lake has become an internationally renowned destination.

What is the Prettiest Place in Oregon?

The prettiest place in Oregon is arguably the Columbia River Gorge. This stunning natural area boasts incredible vistas of canyons, mountains, and rivers. Here are some of its highlights:

• Multnomah Falls – a 620-ft waterfall accessible via hiking trails from a historic lodge • Beacon Rock State Park – an iconic basalt column with great views of the gorge • Hood River Valley – apple orchards flanked by snowcapped peaks and windsurfing spots on the river

No matter where you look in the Columbia River Gorge, there’s something beautiful to behold.

What are 3 Things Oregon is Famous For?

Oregon is a beautiful and diverse state located on the West coast of the United States. It’s famous for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and food & drink culture. Three things that Oregon is known for include:

– Natural Beauty: From its snow-capped mountains to its rugged coastline, Oregon offers stunning views in every corner of the state. – Outdoor Activities: Whether it’s fishing, camping, or hiking through one of its many forests or national parks, visitors can find plenty of ways to enjoy nature. – Food & Drink Culture: With an abundance of local farms and breweries (not to mention some world-renowned wineries), there are endless culinary delights for travelers to explore.


Oregon is a beautiful state with plenty of attractions to explore. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural experiences or just want to relax, there’s something for everyone in Oregon. From the beaches along the coast to the mountains and deserts inland, it’s easy to find an activity that suits your interests.

With its unique natural beauty and vibrant culture, Oregon offers an unforgettable experience no matter how long you stay. So if you’re looking for a place full of adventure and fun things to do – visit Oregon!

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