10 Best Things to Do in Montana: Top Attractions & Places

1. Take a Hike: Montana has over 1,000 miles of trails to explore, from easy hikes near towns and cities to more adventurous alpine treks into remote wilderness areas. 2. Go Whitewater Rafting: Montana’s rivers are well-known for their thrilling whitewater rafting opportunities. 3. Visit Glacier National Park: Located in the northwest corner of the state, this national park offers incredible views of glaciers and mountains as well as numerous recreational activities like biking, hiking, camping and fishing.

4. Spend Time at Yellowstone National Park: The world’s first national park is located just north of Montana in Wyoming but it straddles both states so visitors can still enjoy its natural beauty while visiting Montana too! 5. Explore Historical Sites: From ancient Indian sites to battles fought during the Civil War era, there are plenty of historical places for visitors to learn about the area’s history and culture in Montana! 6 .

Enjoy Ski Resorts & Winter Activities : With several ski resorts across the state offering great skiing conditions all winter long plus other snow sports such as snowmobiling or ice skating – you won’t be bored when visiting during colder months either! 7 . Fish on Lake Koocanusa : This large reservoir includes some amazing trout fishing with plenty of room to accommodate everyone who wants try their luck casting a line here !

8 . Tour Flathead Valley Wineries : Home to some excellent vineyards , this area is quickly becoming known for its delicious wines that rival those produced anywhere else in America ! 9 .

Visit Bozeman Hot Springs : These natural hot springs offer an opportunity relax after a long day exploring all that Big Sky Country has offer ! 10 . Attend A Rodeo Show In Billings : Catch up close action with cowboys competing against each other bulls , broncs , roping events more every summer at Metrapark Arena & Expo Center !

Montana is an incredible destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of nature and outdoor activities. From its stunning mountain ranges, pristine lakes, and sprawling valleys, there are so many things to do in Montana! To help you plan your trip here, we’ve rounded up our top 10 must-do activities in Montana: explore Glacier National Park for unforgettable hiking trails and sights; visit Yellowstone National Park for wildlife watching; take a road trip along Going-to-the-Sun Road; raft down Flathead River; go fishing at Flathead Lake or Madison River; try some delicious local cuisine at Big Sky Resort or one of the state’s many small towns; admire the views from Beartooth Pass Highway; see wild horses on Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range; enjoy a hot air balloon ride over Bozeman Valley’s rolling hills.

With all these amazing attractions, it’s no wonder that Montana is such a popular vacation spot!

Montana Tourist Attractions – 10 Best places to visit in Montana 2022

Unique Things to Do in Montana

Montana is a great destination for anyone looking to explore and experience something unique. From hot springs and geysers, to amazing wildlife-viewing opportunities and outdoor adventure activities, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do in Montana. Whether you’re interested in visiting some of the state’s most iconic national parks like Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, trying your hand at fly fishing on one of its many rivers and streams, or exploring the old-west backroads that make this state so special – Montana has something for everyone.

Things to Do in Montana for Couples

Montana is an ideal destination for couples looking to get away from it all and create lasting memories. From its stunning mountain views, crystal clear lakes and rivers, charming small towns, and vast stretches of wilderness, there’s no shortage of romantic activities that you can enjoy together in the Big Sky State. Whether you’re into outdoor adventures like camping, fishing, biking or skiing; exploring unique attractions such as Yellowstone National Park; or taking part in cultural events at one of Montana’s many museums or fine dining establishments – there are plenty of things to do in Montana for couples.

Things to Do in Montana in October

October is the perfect time to visit Montana and experience all of its beauty. From outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping, to cultural experiences such as museums, art galleries, and festivals – there’s something for everyone in this state. Not only is October a great time for exploring nature with gorgeous fall colors on display in Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park, but it’s also an ideal month for experiencing unique small towns throughout the region complete with local restaurants and special events like Harvest Festivals.

Whatever your interests may be – adventure or relaxation – you can find something fun to do in Montana during October!

Things to Do in Montana With Kids

Montana offers an array of activities for kids and families to enjoy. From outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, camping and skiing; to indoor attractions like museums, water parks and bowling alleys; there is something for everyone in Montana! If your family loves the outdoors then you’ll appreciate its stunning national parks including Glacier National Park or Yellowstone.

For a unique experience why not try a horseback ride through the wilderness or take a guided tour on one of its many rivers? Whatever it maybe that interests your family- Montana has it all!

Things to Do in Montana in the Summer

Montana is a great destination for summertime fun! From fishing and hiking to rafting and camping, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in this stunning state. In the summer months, you can explore Glacier National Park or take a scenic drive along Going-to-the-Sun Road.

You can also take advantage of Montana’s many outdoor recreation areas like Flathead Lake or Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area. Don’t forget about Big Sky Country’s vibrant cities – from Missoula to Bozeman, there are lots of restaurants, bars, museums and other attractions to experience too!

Crazy Things to Do in Montana

Montana is an incredible place to explore and experience the great outdoors. From hot springs, to hiking trails, to skiing down slopes, there’s plenty of crazy things to do in Montana! Whether it’s a day trip or week-long vacation, adventure awaits you around every corner in this beautiful state.

Things to Do in Billings, Montana

Billings, Montana is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike. With its beautiful scenery, abundance of nearby parks and trails, and great local attractions like ZooMontana and Yellowstone Art Museum, there’s something to do for everyone. From fishing on the Yellowstone River or Bighorn River to shopping at Rimrock Mall or visiting historic sites like Pompeys Pillar National Monument or Pictograph Cave State Park, Billings has plenty of activities to keep you entertained during your visit!

10 Best Things to Do in Montana: Top Attractions & Places

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What Should You Not Miss When Visiting Montana?

Montana is a stunning state with many attractions, and when visiting you won’t want to miss the following: • Glacier National Park – One of the most iconic national parks in America, it’s home to incredible views and amazing wildlife. • Flathead Lake – Montana’s largest natural lake is perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and swimming.

• Rocky Mountains – The Rockies offer incredible mountain scenery with breathtaking vistas around every corner. No trip to Montana would be complete without seeing these spectacular sights!

What is the Most Visited Place in Montana?

The most visited place in Montana is Glacier National Park. It offers stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, and plenty of recreational activities. Glacier National Park highlights include:

– Going to the Sun Road – a 50 mile scenic road crossing the park from east to west – St Mary Lake – Glacier’s largest lake with its own island and numerous coves for exploring – Avalanche Lake Trail – a moderate 4.5 mile hike through old growth forests up to Avalanche Lake

– Highline Trail – an iconic 10+ mile trail along steep cliffs featuring beautiful wildflower meadows It’s no wonder why Glacier National Park is the most popular destination in Montana!

What is the Prettiest Place in Montana?

The most beautiful place in Montana is Glacier National Park. Located on the northern border with Canada, this stunning park has breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes and lush green meadows. The main attractions include:

* Going-to-the-Sun Road – a 50 mile scenic drive across the park * Trail of Cedars – an easy walk through an old growth forest * Grinnell Glacier Overlook – a spectacular view of one of the park’s largest glaciers

* Many Waterfalls – including Sacred Dancing Cascade and Bird Woman Falls Glacier National Park offers something for everyone, from incredible hikes to peaceful strolls through nature. If you want to experience beauty at its finest, this majestic destination should not be missed.

What is Montana’S Most Popular?

Montana’s most popular attractions are: * Glacier National Park – a vast wilderness of snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows and crystal clear lakes. * Yellowstone National Park – the world’s first national park located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

It is home to some of the country’s most iconic wildlife species. * Flathead Lake – the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. The state is also known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as skiing, hiking and fishing which draw visitors from across the country each year.


Overall, Montana is a wonderful place to explore and experience. From taking in the breathtaking views of Glacier National Park to trying your luck at the casinos, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or cultural attractions, you can be sure that Montana will provide an unforgettable experience.

With its abundance of activities and sights, this beautiful state is definitely worth visiting!

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