10 Best Things to Do in Mildura: Top Attractions & Places

1. Visit the Mildura Brewery: A great spot to sample some of the best craft beer in Australia, along with delicious food and live music. 2. Take a cruise down the Murray River: The majestic river is perfect for sightseeing cruises or a leisurely paddle in a canoe or kayak. 3. Explore Mungo National Park: This stunning park features ancient Aboriginal sites, diverse wildlife and breathtaking views from atop its sand dunes.

4. Check out Lang’s Native Plant Nursery: Browse through thousands of native plants at this unique nursery located on the banks of the Murray River in Mildura North West Victoria.. 5. Enjoy an evening out at Orange World Entertainment Centre: Go bowling, catch a movie or enjoy some games at this popular entertainment centre on Fifteenth Street Mildura Vic 3500 .

6. Visit Chaffey Trail Arts & Crafts Gallery : Located inside Historic Walnut Avenue Building, find artworks by local artists as well as crafts workshops and classes . 7. Spend some time exploring Riverside Parklands : Take a stroll around the tranquil riverfront gardens located near Tenth Street Bridge . 8. Tour Old Mildura Homestead : Learn about early settlement life here surrounded by beautiful countryside landscapes .

9 Taste your way around Olivewood Estate Winery & Kitchen Garden : Sample estate-grown wines complemented with seasonal produce grown on site in their kitchen garden .

Mildura is a vibrant destination located in the Murray River basin of Victoria, Australia. With its stunning landscapes and rich heritage, Mildura is home to many attractions that make it a great place for tourists. From water sports to wineries, here are 10 of the best things to do in Mildura and some of its top attractions and places: take part in one of the popular river cruises; explore historic downtown buildings; tour award-winning local wineries; visit Mungo National Park with its spectacular sand dunes; participate in water sports at Lake Mulwala or Hattah-Kulkyne National Park; explore fruit farms and pick seasonal produce like citrus fruits, melons, tomatoes and grapes; hike along riverside trails or climb Mt. William for incredible views of the region; stroll through the art galleries at Old Town Hall Art Precincts; catch live music performances at one of two outdoor amphitheaters near the Murray River banks ;and enjoy shopping at Sunraysia Market Place with over 200 retail stores.

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Unusual Things to Do in Mildura

Mildura is a great destination for those looking for something different and exciting. From exploring the nearby Murray-Darling wetlands to painting picturesque landscapes at the Mildura Arts Centre, there are a variety of unique activities to enjoy in this vibrant city. For an adrenaline rush, why not try your hand at skydiving or go on an outback safari?

Alternatively, take some time out with a relaxing boat cruise along the Murray River or explore Local Markets where you can sample delicious fresh produce and artisanal goods made by local artisans. Whatever activity you choose, there’s sure to be something special waiting for you in Mildura!

Top 10 Things to Do in Mildura

Mildura, located on the Murray River in Victoria, Australia, is a great holiday destination. From delicious food and wine to beautiful national parks and stunning views of the river, Mildura has something for everyone. Here are the top 10 things to do when visiting Mildura:

1) Explore the banks of the Murray River; 2) Take a boat ride along La Trobe River; 3) Sample some local wines at one of many wineries;

4) Visit historic Aboriginal sites and learn about their culture; 5) Enjoy an afternoon picnic at Langtree Park or Apex Lookout; 6) Check out the charming High Street Mall or Grand Hotel Arcade with its shops and cafés;

7) Experience wildflower viewing in Hattah-Kulkyne National Park or Mungo National Park ; 8 ) Join in on festivals such as Sunraysia’s Riverside Festival or Taste of Mildura Food & Wine Festival ; 9 ) Go fishing along Lake Hawthorn , which offers excellent trout fishing opportunities ; 10 ) Get up close to native animals at Langi Morgala Nature Reserve . With so much to see and do in this unique region, it’s no wonder why people keep returning to Mildura year after year!

Things to Do in Mildura for Free

Mildura offers a variety of activities for those who want to experience the region without spending money. From exploring the Murray River and its surrounding wetlands, discovering local Aboriginal culture at Boort Lakeside Reserve or visiting Mildura Arts Centre to enjoy free art exhibitions, there’s something for everyone in Mildura – all without spending a cent!

Things to Do in Mildura for Families

Mildura is a great place to take the family for a fun-filled vacation. With plenty of attractions and activities, from museums and art galleries to outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in Mildura. Visit one of the many wineries or take part in any number of water sports at Lake Mulwala.

Families can also explore the Murray River on houseboats, kayaks or canoes, or simply relax on its peaceful banks. Be sure to check out some of Mildura’s unique local markets such as the famous Orange World where you can pick your own juicy oranges!

Romantic Things to Do in Mildura

Mildura is the perfect place for couples looking to get away and enjoy a romantic weekend. From taking relaxing boat tours along the Murray River, strolling hand-in-hand through Langtree Mall’s gardens, visiting wineries to sample some of the region’s finest wines, or packing a picnic lunch and heading out on an adventure in Hattah Kulkyne National Park – Mildura has no shortage of romantic activities for you and your partner!

Things to Do in Mildura at Night

Mildura offers a variety of activities to enjoy during the night time. For those looking for something more exciting, there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs located throughout the city. There are also live music events hosted in multiple venues around town on most nights of the week.

If you’re in search of something a little calmer, Mildura is also home to many cinemas and theatres that offer shows or movies all day long. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants scattered around town perfect for dinner dates or catching up with friends over drinks and food!

Day Trips from Mildura

Mildura is a great base for day trips and offers a variety of activities to suit your interests. Whether you’re looking for stunning views, outdoor pursuits, wildlife experiences or cultural attractions, Mildura’s surrounds has something to offer. Popular day trip destinations from Mildura include the Mungo National Park with its ancient sand dunes; Hattah-Kulkyne National Park which is home to many species of native animals; the Wentworth Water Ski Centre where you can enjoy jet skiing and water sports; and Silverton Village, an historic outback town featuring classic pubs and art galleries.

Mildura Holiday Activities

Mildura is a great holiday destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities. There are plenty of water sports, including kayaking and water skiing at the Mildura Weir and along the Murray River, as well as bushwalking trails to explore in nearby Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. For history buffs, there’s also an array of museums to visit that tell the stories of this region’s past.

And don’t forget about wineries – Mildura boasts some fantastic vineyards where you can taste locally produced wines while enjoying stunning views.

10 Best Things to Do in Mildura: Top Attractions & Places

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What is Mildura Best Known For?

Mildura is a city in the north-west of Victoria, Australia. It is best known for its beautiful landscapes, rich cultural history and vibrant rural lifestyle. Mildura offers a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional country charm that make it one of the most desirable destinations in Victoria.

The city boasts an array of natural attractions such as the Murray River, Red Cliffs National Park and Mungo National Park – perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing or simply relaxing by the riverbank. There are also plenty of wineries to explore within easy reach, offering some fantastic local produce which can be enjoyed at many alfresco cafes or indulgent restaurants around town. In addition to its stunning scenery and award winning wines, Mildura has become renowned worldwide for its citrus fruit production with fresh oranges, mandarins and grapefruit from local farms being sold all over the world!

Is It Worth Going to Mildura?

Mildura is a beautiful destination that offers visitors the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation and culture. Nestled on the banks of the Murray River in Australia’s Sunraysia region, Mildura has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore wineries and art galleries, relax at one of its many beaches or enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and camping – there’s always something to do in this charming town.

The climate is mild all year round with hot summers and cool winters making it an ideal destination no matter what time of year you visit. With its close proximity to Melbourne (just over 4 hours away) Mildura is a great option if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway from city life or a longer holiday exploring this unique area. From delicious fresh produce available at local markets to enchanting sunsets along the river – Mildura will not disappoint!

What is the Best Time to Visit Mildura?

Mildura is a great tourist destination for those wishing to explore the gorgeous Murray River region of Victoria. With its rich cultural heritage and abundance of natural attractions, Mildura has something for everyone. The best time to visit Mildura depends on what activities you plan on doing while there.

In summer, temperatures can reach up to 40°C (104°F), making it perfect for swimming in the river or spending time outdoors with friends and family. Winter brings cooler weather, which can be ideal if you’re looking to take advantage of some of Mildura’s unique festivals and events such as the Sunraysia Arts Festival or the biennial Food & Wine Festival. Springtime offers milder temperatures and stunning blooms throughout local parks and gardens that are perfect for exploring by foot or bike ride.

And autumn brings lovely colour changes in nature as well as plenty of outdoor activities like skiing at nearby Mt Hotham ski resort. The best time to visit really depends on your preferences; whatever season you choose, make sure you get out there and enjoy all that Mildura has to offer!

Why Go to Mildura?

Mildura is an ideal destination for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This charming rural town offers holidaymakers a variety of activities, ranging from exploring its stunning surroundings, to enjoying some of the best food and wine that Australia has on offer. Mildura’s mild climate makes it ideal for relaxing stays throughout the year; in summer you can take advantage of swimming spots along the Murray River or visit one of its many vineyards, while winter brings cooler temperatures perfect for cosy nights by a crackling fire.

Mildura also boasts plenty of attractions such as local markets where you can pick up fresh produce straight from the farm gate, galleries showcasing artwork from talented locals, and family-friendly activities including mini golf courses and wildlife parks with koalas and kangaroos. So if you’re looking for a great place to escape reality then why not head down to Mildura? You won’t regret it!


Mildura is a great place to explore and experience the beauty of Australia. From its stunning river walks, unique wildlife, delicious food and wine, vibrant nightlife and culture, there is something for everyone in Mildura. With so many activities available within easy reach, you can easily spend days exploring this wonderful city.

Whether you want to relax or be active outdoors, Mildura has everything you need to make your stay memorable!

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