10 Best Things to Do in Lisburn: Top Attractions & Places

1. Explore the Lisburn City Centre: The city centre is full of shops, restaurants and attractions, including the Castle Gardens and Wallace Park. 2. Take a trip to Lagan Valley Regional Park: This park has plenty of walking trails, picnic spots and lakeside views. 3. Visit Hillsborough Castle & Gardens: This historic castle was once home to British royalty, who still visit today!

You can also explore its beautiful gardens while you’re there. 4. Enjoy a River Lagan Cruise: This boat tour takes you through some of Northern Ireland’s most stunning scenery while giving you insight into local history and culture along the way! 5. Discover Lisburn Museums: From the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum to Hilden Brewery & Tap Room or even the Airfield Motor Racing Circuit – there are museums for all interests in this area!

6. Go Shopping at Sprucefield Shopping Centre : With over 50 stores ranging from fashion outlets to toy stores – this shopping centre has something for everyone! 7 . Taste delicious dishes at St George’s Market : Sample some authentic local cuisine from fresh seafood and traditional Irish fare on offer here every week!

8 . Spend time outdoors at Lough Moss Leisure Area : Enjoy activities like fishing, horse riding or simply take in nature with tranquil walks around this beautiful lakeland setting ! 9 .

Check out Knockmore Hill Trails : Here visitors can enjoy panoramic views as they explore these stunning outdoor adventures that are suitable for all ages ! 10 . Stop by Moira Demesne Country Park : A great place to relax during summer days or take part in winter sports such as sledging – whatever season it’s sure worth a visit !

Lisburn is a vibrant city in Northern Ireland that offers plenty of things to do and see. From museums and historical attractions, to pubs, restaurants, parks and other outdoor activities – there’s something for everyone! To help you make the most out of your visit, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best things to do in Lisburn.

Whether you’re looking for top attractions or unique places to explore, this guide will help you plan an unforgettable trip.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Lisburn | Northern Ireland – English

Lisburn County

Lisburn County is a county in Northern Ireland located within the Belfast Metropolitan Area. It has a population of approximately 167,000 and covers an area of 322 km2. Lisburn City is its administrative center and Craigavon is its largest town.

The local economy relies heavily on the service industry but also includes manufacturing and retail businesses. Other major attractions include Hillsborough Castle, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Lagan Valley Regional Park, St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Cave Hill Country Park and many more historic sites to explore.

Lisburn Adventure Park

Lisburn Adventure Park is an outdoor adventure centre located in the beautiful town of Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The park offers a variety of activities such as mountain biking, archery, and abseiling for those seeking thrills or just looking to explore the area’s natural beauty. With its stunning scenery and range of activities, Lisburn Adventure Park is a great place for families, couples or groups to get active and enjoy some fresh air!

Shops in Lisburn

Lisburn is a vibrant city located in Northern Ireland and is renowned for its great selection of shopping. The city centre has many high street stores, as well as independent shops offering unique goods. Lisburn also boasts an impressive indoor market which features local produce and crafts as well as fresh food stalls.

There are plenty of places to go for a bite to eat too, with cafés, restaurants and pubs all within walking distance of the main shopping district. Whether you’re looking for fashion finds or one-of-a-kind items, you can find it in Lisburn!

Things to Do in Belfast

Belfast is a vibrant and historic city with something for everyone. From its iconic landmarks, such as the Titanic Belfast museum, to its bustling nightlife, there’s plenty to keep visitors entertained. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the River Lagan or explore one of the many art galleries and museums in the city centre.

After dark, head out for a pint at one of Belfast’s traditional pubs and experience live music from local bands before dancing your way through some of the best clubs in Northern Ireland. Whether you’re looking for culture, history or just an exciting night out – there are plenty of things to do in Belfast!

Lisburn Shopping Centre

Lisburn Shopping Centre is a popular shopping destination in Northern Ireland, offering a variety of stores and services. Located in the city centre, it’s easy to get to with lots of public transport options available. With over 10 million shoppers visiting each year, it has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for the latest trends or just picking up some essentials.

A range of eateries provide plenty of places to refuel during your visit too!

Places to Eat in Lisburn

Lisburn is a vibrant city located in Northern Ireland, and it offers plenty of places to eat for those looking for delicious food. From traditional Irish pubs to more modern cafes and restaurants, you can find something for everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot or just an easy place to grab lunch with friends, Lisburn has many great options that won’t disappoint.

Things to Do in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a great destination for those looking to explore beautiful landscapes, visit fascinating historical sites, and experience unique culture and heritage. From the Giant’s Causeway to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, there are plenty of breathtaking natural sights to take in. History buffs will enjoy exploring landmarks like Belfast Castle and Dunluce Castle that date back centuries.

Afterward, you can immerse yourself in local culture with visits to the Ulster Museum or Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. With so much to offer, Northern Ireland is a wonderful place for an unforgettable vacation!

Lisburn Omniplex

The Lisburn Omniplex is a multi-screen cinema located in the town of Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. With nine screens and over 1,500 seats, it provides an excellent viewing experience for moviegoers. The modern facility also includes a gaming arcade, as well as concessions such as hot food outlets and an ice cream bar.

In addition to showing all the latest blockbusters from around the world, the Omniplex also hosts weekly events such as Live Music Monday and Family Fun Tuesdays which offer discounts on tickets for families. So if you’re looking for a great night out with friends or family in Lisburn be sure to check out what’s playing at the Omniplex!

10 Best Things to Do in Lisburn: Top Attractions & Places

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What is Famous in Lisburn?

Lisburn is a bustling city located in Northern Ireland and is famous for its rich history, stunning scenery, and vibrant culture. The city has many historic sites such as the Castle Gardens which are set on the banks of the River Lagan and feature beautiful gardens, ponds, fountains, sculptures and an ancient castle tower. Lisburn also boasts two cathedrals; St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral dating back to 1623 and Christ Church Catholic Cathedral built in 1780.

The city centre contains many historical buildings including museums like Lisburn Museum which celebrates local history with exhibitions about linen production, life during World War II and Irish emigration. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting Wallace Park with its lush green lawns perfect for picnics or strolling along the riverbank paths while admiring views of nearby hills. There are also plenty of great restaurants serving traditional cuisine from fish & chips to hearty pub grub plus modern cafes offering specialty coffees & teas alongside fresh pastries & cakes!

Lastly, Lisburn hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as concerts at Eikon Exhibition Centre or outdoor festivals celebrating music & art among others – all providing excellent entertainment for visitors!

Is Lisburn Worth a Visit?

Lisburn is a beautiful city located in Northern Ireland that has plenty to offer visitors. From its fascinating history, picturesque parks and gardens, vibrant nightlife and culture, there are endless opportunities for exploration in Lisburn. Whether you’re looking for an educational day out or just a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, visiting Lisburn is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Start your journey with a visit to some of the many historical attractions such as The Irish Linen Centre & Loom Museum or Lagan Valley Island where you can explore the rich heritage of this place. You’ll also find several family friendly activities like mini golf courses and local wildlife parks perfect for spending quality time together outdoors. After dark take advantage of the bustling nightlife scene with live music venues, comedy clubs and pubs offering locally brewed ales throughout town.

With great food choices ranging from traditional Irish cuisine to international dishes served in stylish eateries scattered around town there’s something for everyone here! So if you’re looking for an exciting getaway that won’t break the bank then definitely add Lisburn onto your list – it’s worth every minute!

What are Some Fun Facts About Lisburn?

Lisburn is a city located in Northern Ireland, and it’s one of the most interesting places to visit. It boasts a rich history, with its roots going back centuries. From its beautiful architecture to its lively culture, there are plenty of things to explore here!

Here are some fun facts about Lisburn that you may not know: The city was founded in 1611 by Sir Fulke Conway as an industrial center for linen production; it was actually originally known as Conway Mills until 1770 when it changed its name. Today, Lisburn’s famous linen industry still thrives; the city even hosts an annual Linen Festival that celebrates this heritage every year!

The festival includes music performances, street parades and more. In addition to its historic ties to linen production, Lisburn is also home to many notable sites including Castle Gardens – a beautiful park filled with Victorian gardens and sculptures – plus two cathedrals dating back hundreds of years: St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral (built 1858) and Christ Church Cathedral (built 1863). For those interested in Irish culture, be sure to check out the Irish Linen Centre & Ulster Folk Museum which pays homage to traditional crafts such as spinning wheel making and weaving using flax from local farms.

Lisburn also has plenty of pubs serving up delicious food like soda bread or shepherd’s pie so don’t forget your appetite too! These are just a few facts about what makes Lisburn such an amazing place for visitors looking for unique experiences – make sure you add it on your next trip itinerary!

What is the Most Famous Building in Lisburn?

The most famous building in Lisburn is undoubtedly Hillsborough Castle and Gardens. This stunning castle dates back to the 18th century, when it was built by the 3rd Marquess of Downshire as a country residence for his family. Over the years, it has served many purposes, including as a royal palace, an administrative center for Northern Ireland’s government and even as an official guest house for visiting dignitaries from around the world.

Today, visitors can explore its fascinating history through guided tours of rooms such as the Grand Hall or State Dining Room, or take part in special events like weddings or corporate functions held there throughout the year. The lush gardens also make this historic site a popular destination with their picturesque views over County Down countryside and Belfast Lough. With so much to see and do at Hillsborough Castle & Gardens, it’s no wonder why this is one of Lisburn’s most iconic attractions!

Is Lisburn a Nice Area?

Lisburn is a great area located in Northern Ireland. It’s known for its rich history and cultural diversity, as well as its wide range of attractions. With plenty to see and do, it’s no wonder that Lisburn is considered one of the most desirable locations in the country.

The city boasts a number of parks and gardens, including Castle Gardens and Wallace Park, both offering stunning views of the nearby hills. You can also explore some of the local architecture with visits to historic buildings such as Hillsborough Castle or Lagan Valley Regional Park which features a wealth of wildlife habitats. There are plenty of shops and restaurants too; from boutiques to department stores and eateries serving up delicious dishes from around the world – all within easy reach!

For entertainment you’ll find cinemas, theatres, music venues plus nightlife spots scattered throughout town making sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy here! All in all, Lisburn offers an exciting mix of culture, activities and leisure options that make it an ideal place to live or visit – so why not come take a look?


Lisburn is a great destination for travelers looking to explore the best of Northern Ireland. With top attractions like Hillsborough Castle, Lagan Valley Regional Park, and Lisburn Cathedral, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in learning about local history or simply want to relax in nature, you will find plenty of activities and sights that make Lisburn an attractive holiday destination.

From historic landmarks to outdoor adventures and everything in between, this city has something special that awaits its visitors.

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