10 Best Things to Do in Arkansas: Top Attractions & Places

1. Visit Hot Springs National Park – home to 47 thermal springs, the park offers hiking trails, camping sites and access to historical bathhouses. 2. Explore Eureka Springs – a Victorian village in the Ozark Mountains with art galleries, museums and unique shops and restaurants. 3. Go on an Arkansas River Tour – paddle or motorboat through various parts of the state’s natural beauty from Lake Dardanelle State Park to Big Creek.

4. Attend a Festival at Ozark Folk Center State Park – enjoy live music performances in a rustic setting alongside craft demonstrations & workshops . 5. Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Petit Jean State Park – mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing & more set amidst gorgeous views of Cedar Falls & Bear Cave Mountain . 6. Take a Trip Along Arkansas’ “Great River Road”- drive along US Highway 65 for picturesque views of rolling hills & river bottoms lined by cottonwood trees .

7. Visit Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site– learn about civil rights history while touring this landmark school that was desegregated in 1957 . 8.. Get Outdoors at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area- explore 12 miles of trails perfect for hikers as well as fishing spots on Beaver Lake shoreline nearby .

9.. Spend Time in Fayetteville Square- Stroll around this vibrant town square surrounded by restaurants, boutiques & lively entertainment venues like George’s Majestic Lounge ..


Arkansas is filled with incredible attractions and places to explore, so it can be hard to decide which ones are the best. From stunning natural landscapes and outdoor activities to historical sites and cultural centers, there’s something for everyone in Arkansas. Here are ten of the best things to do in this beautiful state: visit Hot Springs National Park; experience a live show at The Walton Arts Center; explore Blanchard Springs Caverns; take a cruise along the Buffalo National River; have an adventure at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge; observe wildlife at Beaver Lake Nature Center; tour historic Little Rock Central High School; shop ’til you drop on Dickson Street in Fayetteville; discover local artisans’ wares at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and hike or bike along one of Arkansas’ many trails!

Tourist Attractions in Arkansas 2023 : 10 Best things to do in Arkansas 2023

Unique Places to Visit in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state in the Southern United States known for its stunning natural beauty. From lakes to mountains, Arkansas has some of the most unique and breathtaking places to visit. Some of these include Petit Jean State Park, Hot Springs National Park, Buffalo National River, Mount Magazine State Park, Crescent Lake Wildlife Management Area and White Rock Mountain Recreation Area.

Each offers something different from the other but all are equally beautiful and provide great opportunities for hiking, camping or just soaking up nature’s wonders.

Bucket List of Things to Do in Arkansas

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of Arkansas, then consider adding some of these bucket list activities to your itinerary. From kayaking on the Buffalo River or hiking up Pinnacle Mountain to exploring downtown Little Rock’s vibrant murals and sampling local craft beers at Fossil Cove Brewing Company in Fayetteville, there are plenty of things to do in The Natural State that will make for an unforgettable trip.

Secret Places in Arkansas

Arkansas is full of hidden gems and secret places. From the breathtaking Natural Steps Falls near Little Rock to the magical swings in Winslow, Arkansas has something for everyone hoping to explore beyond the beaten path. For a truly unique experience, be sure to check out Petit Jean State Park’s Cedar Falls Trail – its rugged terrain and cascading waterfall make it an unforgettable spot!

Top 10 Things to Do in Arkansas

If you’re looking for a unique adventure that offers plenty of activities, then Arkansas is the perfect place to visit. From kayaking and fishing in its many lakes and rivers, to exploring some of the nation’s oldest national parks, there are so many amazing things to do in Arkansas. Here’s a look at our top 10 picks: Hot Springs National Park; Historic Eureka Springs; Buffalo National River; The Ozark Mountains; Blanchard Spring Caverns; Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; Pinnacle Mountain State Park; Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site; Crowley’s Ridge Parkway Drive-Through Safari and Big Dam Bridge Trail.

Arkansas Attractions for Families

Arkansas offers a variety of attractions for families to enjoy. From the natural beauty of Hot Springs National Park to the thrilling rides and water parks at Magic Springs Theme & Water Park, there is something for everyone in Arkansas. Families can also explore historic sites like Little Rock Central High School or discover Arkansas’s rich culture by visiting one of its many museums.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or educational experiences, Arkansas has plenty to offer your family!

Things to Do in Arkansas This Weekend

A great way to spend your weekend in Arkansas is by exploring the outdoors! From hiking trails and scenic overlooks, to kayaking along the Buffalo National River, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for something more low-key, visit one of Arkansas’ many state parks or historic sites.

With a wide range of entertainment venues from music festivals to theater performances, there’s no shortage of things to do in Arkansas this weekend!

Most Beautiful Places in Arkansas

Arkansas is home to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. From the majestic Ozark Mountains to lovely lakes and rivers, Arkansas has plenty of breathtaking sights. One of the best places to experience this natural beauty is Devil’s Den State Park near Fayetteville, where you can explore trails through lush forests, by gushing waterfalls and around stunning bluffs.

You can also take a relaxing stroll along Buffalo National River or go for a hike on Pinnacle Mountain for awe-inspiring panoramic views of nature at its finest.

10 Best Things to Do in Arkansas: Top Attractions & Places

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What are Two Arkansas Attractions?

Two popular Arkansas attractions are the Buffalo National River and Hot Springs National Park. – Buffalo National River: A free flowing river that runs 135 miles through the Ozark Mountains, offering canoeing, camping, fishing and other recreational opportunities. – Hot Springs National Park: A historic park featuring 47 hot springs with therapeutic mineral water, as well as bathhouses and trails for hiking or biking.

What City in Arkansas Has the Most Attractions?

Little Rock is Arkansas’ most populous city and boasts the highest number of attractions. These include: * The Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, which was the site of a civil rights battle in 1957.

* The William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum, dedicated to the 42nd president of the United States. * Pinnacle Mountain State Park’s 2,000 acres of outdoor activities such as hiking and biking trails. It is easy to see why Little Rock has become one of Arkansas’ top destinations for visitors from around the world!

Is There Anything Cool to See in Arkansas?

Yes! There are many cool things to see in Arkansas. • Hot Springs National Park: Relax and take in the beauty of this scenic park with hot springs and a variety of wildlife.

• Buffalo National River: Take a canoe ride down the river, explore caves, or go fishing for some trout. • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: Marvel at incredible works from the likes of Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. • Ozark Mountains: Hike through miles of breathtaking trails full of meadows and streams.

No matter what you’re interested in, Arkansas has something unique to offer visitors!

What is the Most Scenic Part of Arkansas?

The most scenic part of Arkansas is the Ozark Mountains. This natural wonder offers stunning views and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. The following are some of the highlights:

– Buffalo National River, with its breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife. – Hot Springs National Park, known for its thermal springs and hiking trails. – Blanchard Springs Caverns, a popular cave system open for tours throughout the year.

– The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, an annual event that draws thousands of visitors each year to witness a reenactment of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Arkansas’s landscape is full of wonders that offer something special for everyone looking to soak up nature at its finest!


Arkansas is a great place to visit for those who are looking for outdoor adventures, historical sites and interesting attractions. With its diverse landscape, there are plenty of things to do in Arkansas that will keep visitors busy during their entire stay. From visiting Hot Springs National Park to exploring the Ozark Mountains or taking part in any of the many festivals held throughout the year, Arkansas has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous getaway or just a relaxing break from everyday life, this list of 10 best things to do in Arkansas can help you make your trip memorable.

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